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  1. Fri 09 March 2012 I use MSW XP and SAS Free. If a definition update check is invoked when the PC is offline, or the PC goes offline while updates are in progress, the update process gets locked searching for the update, even if the PC is made online subsequently. There seems to be no way to abort the program's search for the updates. Using Windows Task Manager > Applications > End Task results in a window which says ~ "The program cannot be closed because it is locked by the system." The only way to get SAS to abort is by rebooting the PC. There should be some way for the user to abort the program at any stage.
  2. A progress bar while scanning the PC would be extremely helpful to know just how much of the scan is over and estimate how much more is left and how long it would take. This is needed in both the paid and the free editions. The lack of a progress bar often results in the scan needing to be aborted, possibly when nearing the end, if the PC was required for urgent work or if the PC needs to be switched off.
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