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  1. I've reported the file and I'll pop back when I know more, as the outcome may help others in the future - thanks.
  2. Ok, but I have to say I'm not keen on letting it back into my system in case it's real. If it's a genuine Trojan, will the testers let me know so I can act? Thanks
  3. Hi I've just run SAS for the first time in 225 days (as I don't use this old laptop anymore) and it has picked up 'Trojan.Agent/Gen-Chifrax' which I have quarantined. The trojan is reported as being found in: PROGRAM FILES\MICROSOFT COMPONENT INSTALLER SDK FOR WINDOWS\IEXPRESS\WEXTRACT.EXE My Kaspersky Internet Security scan didn't pick up any issues. What do you recommend I should do from here please? Leave the file where it is? How do I check if its a false positive? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi I've had a good few false positive reports within SAS in the recent past (and received advice on here) Tonight the 'trojan' below is reported after a scan, and I'd just like confirmation one way or the other as to whether it's another false positive. (Malwarebytes and Emsisoft Anti-Malware scans don't pick anything up) Trojan.Agent/Gen-Bifrose Found in: C:\PROGRAMDATA\KASPERSKY LAB\AVP12\SYSWHIST\AMLOGS\91 Thanks Tara
  5. Ah, I do have a HP 'all in one' printer /scanner and I thought that I had disabled the updater. As Kaspersky Internet Security & MalwareBytes aren't picking up any of these 'threats' I think I'll stop worrying. I will run a full KIS scan now to be extra sure. Thanks for your help.
  6. Funny enough I just read that, but I also have read a lot more that backs what I said, ie, the application is safe, its what can be downloaded with it, that can cause the problems. I will of course look into this in depth tonight. Do you have any info on the security.hijack 'threats' please? This is what I'm really after at the mo. I have had to report many false positives to SAS in the past, and hopefully, this is another of the same.
  7. Hi I know the NewVista Journeys is ok, as I installed that willingly, knowing that it will track where I visit (unless I pause the application) Do you have any info on the others to substantiate that they are harmful please? I can only find info on foreign sites... I believe ILivid as a download manager is safe, though what it downloads may not be - do you have info info that shows ILivid to be unsafe?
  8. Hello One of the three threats is definitely a false positive (NewVistaJourneys) and I'm wondering if the other three are also the same? I've Googled for info on these 'threats', and there are results there, but they are on foreign sites, and I can't understand what's being said. I've ran a MalwareBytes scan, and that said there were no threats.... Can anyone help me please? I'd be so grateful! Thanks Tara
  9. Not many people are aware of PM, and I kind of like that (though I'm not sure why!) Thanks for the help; I'm off to bed now and logging off. Tara
  10. Well I am totally converted to Pale Moon, and I removed Firefox - PM has an app that carried over all of my add ons, and I even kept my 200 or so Speed Dial tabs. In fact add ons that stopped working in FF after updates, fully work in PM Do you use it? I believe its quicker and cleaner.
  11. I did have Trusteer - That comes free with NatWest banking, but I think it slowed the laptop, so I stuck with Netcraft security (for Firefox and Pale Moon)
  12. What on earth is going on - It says top of screen that in my mailbox, someone has left me a message in cyrillic Bulgarian text, and in the notification section, it says SexMailz started a new personal conversation with you. Is it a spammers paradise on here?
  13. Kaspersky does alert me when visiting dodgy websites with hidden horrors, and if I try to download anything that's suss without me knowing it, KIS will warn me and quarantine (its the full suite with cloud protection)
  14. Thanks. I'm not going to restore it to test, as knowing me, I'll forget and leave it on my laptop, and chances are, it will be a trojan. Kaspersky is usually hot at detection, but then, no anti virus / anti malware is 100% perfect at halting / picking up any nasties.
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