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  1. Thanks very much for the clarification, iroc9555! Best regards,
  2. Hi hrm911, I too have received not only a PM here on this site, but also an email which was sent to my private email address, supposedly from forum@SUPERAntiSpyware.com. (That was what was shown in the FROM line in the email). I have sent a PM to an Admin here about this, and asking HOW is it the Russian cretin (using the forum name of SexMailz) who sent this offensive PM & email was able to obtain my private email address from this site...when I specifically have my settings set to HIDE my email address?
  3. Good afternoon everyone, Not sure this is the right place to present this inquiry, if so, I apologize. Following a quick scan with SAS a short time ago, 17 items were discovered. 16 listed as adware/cookies, but the one shown below was listed as a CRITICAL item, and a reboot was also required to complete the removal process. (The info pasted below is copied verbatim from the log) Trace.Known Threat Sources C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\ADMINISTRATOR\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\NIU2P33M\mwfOld03_300x250_0310[1].swf [ cache:mywebsearch.com ] My questions: Exactly what is this item; how could I possibly have acquired it; and how serious a threat does it pose? UPDATE: I have ascertained the info I was seeking here...elsewhere. Thanks.
  4. Good afternoon everyone, I've been using SAS (on-demand) for some time now, and was curious as to what the significance is between what I call a normal delete of cookies, potential threats, etc, and deletions which SAS requires a reboot in order to complete the process? (i.e. do the deletions requiring a reboot contain more serious threats than a non-reboot action)? Many thanks for your time and any info!
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