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  1. Basically all websites use cookies. Even this one. "Tracking cookie" is a term used by malware scanners, but they are not malware, nor are they as insidious as they sound. They are necessary for the operation of the sites. They are what keep you logged in from one page to another on a given site, or allow you to use online shopping sites (shopping cart), among other things. If the scanner blocked all cookies in realtime as they come in, it would break functionality of basically all websites. For example, if you are on Amazon and click an item to "Add to Cart" without a session cookie present, the item would never make it to the cart, because the site has no way to 'track' your session. Or if you logged into this site and attempted to reply to this post without a session cookie, when you click "Add Reply", the board software would not recognize that you are logged in. That's what 'tracking cookies' do.
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