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  1. Okay, well, thank you everyone for your help and answers. Before I got there, another friend brought over a similar "boot disk" and got the xp one to boot and did a system restore...and ran the scans and that one is up and running fine....The second one, he pulled the hard drive out to transfer some files over to the working pc, but for some reason, couldn't read the hard drive. He ended up taking everything home to work on it. We'll see..I guess...once again thank you everyone for your help.
  2. OK - so I got the malware bytes and dr web, but now he's got two laptops that won't boot at all... I did seem to remember SAS running in safe mode, but wasn't sure, but of course, now, neither one of these is an option. The first pc, running XP, just goes to a black screen no matter what option is selected (safe mode, safe mode w/ network, last known good config.etc) The second, running W7, does the same, but hangs on a blue kind of desktop screen, sometimes restarting.
  3. I have a friend's computer that is running windows XP. It has some spyware (rogues? perhaps) and when I try to run SAS it begins and suddenly just disappears and shuts down. I have tried the online scanner as well with the same results. What can I do?
  4. Just a note: - I am not runing SAS Pro, I have the free version. Also, repeated scans with trend micro do not reveal any adware. Although, this was the original reason I started using SAS years ago.....
  5. I havent had any mandatory reboots, but each time I run the scan, back to back with no other activity going on on my XP PC, it finds more "spyware"
  6. Not sure if this is the correct forum, as I am not completely sure they are actually "false positives", but I am having a problem, I suppose, getting rid of cookies. I run SAS scan, it detects anywhere between 45 - 87 adware tracking cookies. I complete the scan, "removing the cookies" and instantly run the scan again, only to find that it detects more cookies....I know some of them are the same ones, however not sure if they are all the same ones. I have repeated the scan at least 4 - 5 times, back to back, however, SAS continues to detect these cookies. Is SAS not properly removing them, or is there some program or file that keeps replacing them? I have always depended on SAS for removing spyware and trojans, as I have always found it to be very reliable, but this situation has me a bit puzzled. If anyone can offer some suggestions or advice, please do.
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