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  1. Thanks for looking at it. I verified that the buttons read with JAWS 11 & 12, but in JAWS 9 & 10 it only reads "Button, to activate press SpaceBar." I originally had only checked with JAWS 9 (our standard version at work) when I suspected malware infection.
  2. The buttons on the new SUPERAntiSpyware 5 Control Panel (Scan Your Computer, Preferences, etc.) are not labeled for accessibility. Therefore, a person with a visual impairment who uses a screen reader application (JAWS, Window-Eyes, SuperNova) cannot know which button he is on. The screen reader merely reads "Button. To activate press Spacebar." Apparently the programmers have overlooked labelling the buttons on each page of the new Control Panel. These were labeled in previous version(s), but this has been overlooked in the new version 5. Thank you for your attention. Ron
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