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  1. On startup, SAS uses over 312 MB of RAM (I tried attaching a screenshot of Process Explorer, but I kept getting an error). I really can't believe it is supposed to be doing this, but I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling, every tip and trick I could find about memory usage in the forum, and I can't get it to behave reasonably. SAS Professional ver 5.0.1146 Database ver 8424 I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium Build 7601, 64-bit AMD Athlon II X4 630 CPU 6.0 GB DDR3 RAM ATI Radeon HD 5570 Graphics card Anyone have any ideas, because I've done everything I can think of. I really don't want to have to stop using SAS
  2. On the SUPERAntiSpyware home page, it says, "Detect and Remove Spyware, Adware and Remove Malware, Trojans, Dialers, Worms, KeyLoggers, HiJackers, Parasites, Rootkits, Rogue Security Products and many other types of threats." Since it removes tracking cookies, doesn't it stand to reason that they are among the "other types of threats"? It also says, "Real-Time Blocking of threats!" So I don't think an inference that tracking cookies would be blocked in real time is out of bounds. I was wondering if I was missing a setting somewhere or if I'd read too much into what the home page says. I guess it's the latter.
  3. I run a scan every night, and every night SUPERAntiSpyware finds 150-200 tracking cookies...usually from the same sites as the night before. Why isn't real-time protection blocking these cookies from being written to the drive? Or at least, why can't I set up (or am I just missing the place where I can do this) a list of cookies to block? I thought, from the description on the website, that this was part of what real-time protection would do, and that's one of the big reasons I bought the pro version instead of sticking with the free version.
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