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  1. any ideas? There must be some remnants of malware that prevents me from disconnecting from the network or launching my anti-virus software. The laptop may no longer be infected but those items should be corrected before he can log into his file on the laptop.
  2. thanks. The fix worked I scanned my son's file but all it found was tracking cookies. I guess my system might be clean but why can't I disconnect or launch windows explorer or avira?
  3. Hi, I've scanned my laptop on both my wife's and my account on our laptop but am unable to run SuperAntiSpyware on my son's account. It asks me what program do I want to open it with. Same thing with my Antivirus program Avira. I cannot open Windows explore either and I notice that I cannot disable the internet connection on my son;s account. None of these things occur on my account or my wife's account. It seems like some sort of infection but the SuperAntiSpyware does not currently find anything. It did a Browser helper earlier but nothing but cookies on the latest scan. Is this the remnants of a previous infection or is his account still infected?
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