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  1. Good Afternoon Please can I jump in onto the end of this topic as I am also experiencing similar problems. I have two computers - a desktop with 1000GB HDD and a Laptop with 500GB HDD. The desktop is unbranded and the laptop is a Lenovo Think Pad. Both run Windows 10 20H2 with the desktop Home and the Laptop Pro. Desktop has SAS Pro installed and the Laptop is SAS Free. On manual scanning with both, the desktop usually completes a Full Scan in around 17 minutes but the laptop takes over twice that time. I do this on a fortnightly basis and the same thing happens every time. The figures for the latest scans on 16.7.21 are shown below. The 'files' section is where the delays appear to occur as the program on the laptop seems to keep re-scanning the file names/numbers several times for the same one before moving on to a different one and a different cumulative number. All the general settings on SAS for both computers are the same. Can any one tell me why this happens and if there is any way to resolve it and get the scan time for the laptop nearer to that of the desktop? Regards, Roy. SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log - 07-16-2021 - 15-51-46.log
  2. Good Afternoon I have had SAS Pro installed for a few years now and have always been happy with it. Recently, however, the Complete Scan times have been creeping up until yesterday it took 49.5 mins to scan my computer which has only just over 108 GB of storage used. SAS Support suggested I uninstall and re-install the program - which I did today and did reduce the scan time to 34 mins. This does still seem to be a bit high and is around twice the time taken this time last year. I am wondering if this is reflecting an increased number of photos (all taken by me) stored on the computer in Windows Photo Viewer - approx. 20GB now. Is it necessary to keep re-scanning all these photos or can I exclude them from the scan? If they can be excluded how do I do that? I can only find how to add folders, not to skip them. Hope you can help. Regards Roy. OS. Windows 10 Home 1809 17763.504
  3. SleepyReader Many thanks for the reply. You were absolutely right - all resolved after next re-boot. Easy when you know how !! Something else new I have learned. Best regards Roy
  4. Good Afternoon All I have just updated my SAS Pro to version 5.6.1012. This has left 3 icons for shortcuts on my desktop and I am unable to delete them by using the Right-Click menu. This comes up as a shortened version of the usual menu and on clicking 'delete' a message appears which says:- "Cannot delete file" "Cannot read from source file or disk" Can anyone please help me to solve this problem? Best regards Roy
  5. Good Afternoon Guru Yes, I do have Unlocker installed on my computer. I did make a small mistake with the name :- It is not:\PROGRAMFILES\UNLOCKER\UNLOCKERDRIVER5.SYS as there should be a letter 'S' in place of the figure '5' thus making the full correct name:- \PROGRAMFILES\UNLOCKER\UNLOCKERDRIVERS.SYS Hope this information is satisfactory now. Best regards Roy
  6. I am getting an SAS Real-Time Protection Blocked Item Alert at each boot up which says as follows:- Trogan.Agent/CDesc[Generic].Process C:\PROGRAMFILES\UNLOCKER\UNLOCKERDRIVER5.SYS Please will you check this out to see if it is a false positive. If not please can you advise on my next move. Best regards Roy
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