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    Desktop icons after 1012 update

    SleepyReader Many thanks for the reply. You were absolutely right - all resolved after next re-boot. Easy when you know how !! Something else new I have learned. Best regards Roy
  2. Good Afternoon All I have just updated my SAS Pro to version 5.6.1012. This has left 3 icons for shortcuts on my desktop and I am unable to delete them by using the Right-Click menu. This comes up as a shortened version of the usual menu and on clicking 'delete' a message appears which says:- "Cannot delete file" "Cannot read from source file or disk" Can anyone please help me to solve this problem? Best regards Roy
  3. sammyseal

    Is UNLOCKERDRIVER5 a false positive?

    Good Afternoon Guru Yes, I do have Unlocker installed on my computer. I did make a small mistake with the name :- It is not:\PROGRAMFILES\UNLOCKER\UNLOCKERDRIVER5.SYS as there should be a letter 'S' in place of the figure '5' thus making the full correct name:- \PROGRAMFILES\UNLOCKER\UNLOCKERDRIVERS.SYS Hope this information is satisfactory now. Best regards Roy
  4. I am getting an SAS Real-Time Protection Blocked Item Alert at each boot up which says as follows:- Trogan.Agent/CDesc[Generic].Process C:\PROGRAMFILES\UNLOCKER\UNLOCKERDRIVER5.SYS Please will you check this out to see if it is a false positive. If not please can you advise on my next move. Best regards Roy