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  1. could be just that SAS was not detecting all of the files necessary to fully remove the infection from your computers, you most likely had some sort of trojan that was not being removed that was part of the toolbar, and the infected file you were moving was just a file the actual trojan was downloading(and re-downloading) to your pc each time you removed it. Sounds like mbam was able to remove the necessary file(s) for future reference I would not use Ccleaner right away after cleaning an infection, I would first scan with SAS after mbam, then if you know what you are doing use Hijack This to check for any malciously edited registry entries/values, BHO's, etc and use it to fix/remove them, this ensures the BHO that was added in this case is COMPLETELY gone, and any other suspicious things you see, then you can use CCleaner to clean up your pc.
  2. or just keep system restore disabled, heh, as it's nothing but trouble, to much malware uses it to hide, and too often when you use it, it restores old malware thought to have been removed, or it causes even more errors than the ones you fixed by using it >.<
  3. my guess Yogesh is that it by default selects the recommended malware to remove immediately, it may not select the others by default for a few reasons, such as removing the infected files could cause critical errors in the system, such as system files. Another reason is they could be files that are being used, causing them to be inaccesable, last reason I can think of is that the malware/virus on your pc could be making the files difficult to remove, I'm not sure SAS works this way, but it might, need someone more knowledgeable in the mechanics of SAS to confirm or deny. But if SAS cannot remove the infections that are not selected by default, try using malwarebytes which can force remove them. Oh 1 more reason is that the file could just be not serious, and you don't necessarily need to remove them, such as the case with corrupted executables, or or broken SSL certificates on the files, or annoying COOKIES!
  4. as the description says, you should show more activity on your forums SAS, I have posted quite a few things, and seen others post things, but have not seen a peep from any of your employees on here since joining, you should have employees dedicated to checking the forums, or create a facebook page like I suggested before, it would help alot in helping in-experienced users get support!
  5. welcome Algeo! I am a noobie to the forum as well, but knowledgeable with tech support and anti-spyware/anti-virus apps to helping people as I can!
  6. hey Visioned! if you're still having trouble removing this rogue security application try using this http://www.avg.com/us-en/avg-rescue-cd#tba3 you have to burn it to a CD, then boot from the CD and scan with it, it should remove the infection before it can load! also try www.malwarebytes.org to see if mbam can pick up any infected files that SAS isn't!
  7. hey Sir max, you could try scanning with malwarebytes too, www.malwarebytes.org to try to get rid of the problem completely, I also suggest using AVG anti-virus www.free.avg.com as far as changed settings you could use hijack this by trend micro to remove any added registry entries after cleaning the PC up, and use SAS's repairs option, if you see any changes that relate to the repairs SAS can do, then do them.
  8. As I said in the topic description, you all should make an official facebook page for super antispyware, that way people can like it, and post questions there, I know for a fact not everyone who needs help wants to join a forum to ask for it, this way if they have a facebook they can just post to your facebook wall and receive help there, I know I would be willing to like the page and help anyone whom posted questions there. I also suggest you actually start using the twitter account that was made for super antispyware, I followed it but saw that there was ONLY 1 tweet on it, twitter is the NUMBER ONE source for getting news and information out to people, well atleast the number 1 source for those who use twitter, like I do, plus like my idea with facebook any twitter users can ask questions through twitter! I think this would be a REALLY great idea, I hope you agree!
  9. I checked it out as well, and confirmed it, no updates have accured for atleast a day and a half, I hope something isn't wrong :-/
  10. hello! most likely what you updated or installed had adware and or spyware built into it, and was requesting to access files it shouldn't, I strongly suggest you allow SAS to remove these files, I also suggest changing from comodo to AVG, much better product, also scan with malwarebytes after removing the infections with SAS, this should have your machine fairly clean if not completely clean!
  11. I feel this is VERY important as well, confusing customers will only just make them not want to use the product, and switch to another anti-malware/anti-spyware application. SAS should really get to fixing that.
  12. I like your idea Steevo, I hope they do something like that, check out my suggestion under yours and post what you think.
  13. I checked it out, and found out yep they say it's built to be compatible with AVG, hurray!
  14. was just wondering if by chance anyone had used SUper antispyware professional endition and AVG anti-virus or internet security(preferably the 2012 edition) together on the same rig,or if anyone knows if they conflict at all?
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