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  1. Hello Abhoth! have you tried un-installing and re-installing SaS? and if that doesn't work, if you are 100% sure that the tcpip.sys file is okay, I suggest adding it as an exception to SaS's exclusions, this way it doesn't scan it, and no more lock ups.
  2. hello Cris! I suggest downloading www.malwarebytes.org and scanning with that, I also suggest scanning with superantispyware in safe mode, if that doesn't fix your problem please let me know and I will provide you with more advice and methods for removal!
  3. utalice, this process string sounds suspicious! it could be a piece of malware disguising itself as a SaS process, I use the professionakl edition and I see no such process on my machine, you may wish to use the SaS threat change, here is the link: http://mcaf.ee/1lk93 further more, you should also download malwarebytes and scan with that www.malwarebytes.org I hope this helps you find out what this process is!
  4. hello Tara! if you still believe your PC is infected after superantispyware has removed all of those infections I strongly suggest you download these tools you can get them at these links: www.malwarebytes.org download and install that, then update it and do a full scan, after that you should download this: https://www.superantispyware.com/superantispyware_threatcheck.html it will send a diagnostic report to SaS, then a SaS technician will create custom definitions to remove any remaining infections on your PC. If you are using superantispyware professional you can provide y our license upon running this app, this will make it so SaS will get back to you more quickly and help you out!
  5. well in that case, then all anti-malware/anti-spyware/anti-virus should block this as F-Secure has, not right to intrude on peoples privacy unless they have a very good reason to, and a warrant! damn german police :-/
  6. weather it be as a linkedin group, or just the individual employees being on Linkedin, are you?
  7. if I am understanding correctly, you could also install the free version and just put your license code in later to avoid the toolbar, am I correct SaS?
  8. are you asking if SaS is now bundled with the install ask toolbar? if so, I do not believe so.
  9. hmmmmmmmmmm, try downloading the AVG rescue CD, you can find it here: http://www.avg.com/us-en/avg-rescue-cd#tba3 instructs on how to create it and use it are in the link too, just have to burn it to a CD and boot the computer from the CD, then update it from within and scan. As a last resort, if you don't have AVG installed on your PC click this link http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/combofix/how-to-use-combofix scroll down and click the bleepingcomputer.com dark blue link, on the next page click combofix download link and let combofix download, once it has downloaded reboot your PC and run it in Safe mode again, find the combofix executable and run it, say okay to any prompts you get, then let it run, combofix is a last resort, I also suggest trying Dr Web's CUREIT! anti-virus which doesn't require installation to scan, and runs in a safe mode to preventm alware from terminating it, you can get that here https://www.freedrweb.com/cureit/ hope these help!
  10. hey ^s^, trying loading windows in safe mode with networking, this may allow SaSP to load and update, then run a scan with SaSP in safe mode and hopefully it will be able to remove whatever infection exists! if this down not work try download the AVG rescue CD, you can find it here: http://www.avg.com/us-en/avg-rescue-cd#tba3 there is also an explanation on how to burn the rescue CD to a CD or flash memory stick, as well as explanations/videos on how to use the rescue CD, once the rescue CD is created you must boot the computer from it, update it, and scan with it, this will allow you to scan the system before the malware/virus is even able to load.
  11. good point SaS, didn't think about that!
  12. interesting,personally I feel no anti-virus or anti-malware should be able to block something like this, unless it is being used moliciously, if they police are really used a trojan to spy on your pc then most likely they have a good reason, and you deserve it. Though I understand why something like this would be blocked, malware creators and vendors may use something similar against a PC, so it's tough to say if SaS should block this kind of trojan, perhaps they could do as they usually do, and only block it if it is exhibiting malicious behaviour, though, or something, not sure how to put it, hopefully SaS can provide us some feedback on this topic soon!
  13. hellos Click! thanks for your feedback, SaS will hopefully respond soon, as I am not sure what to say on this.
  14. hello Ron! if SaS is not detecting it please try to scan with SaS in safe mode, also please download malwarebytes free edition at www.malwarebytes.org and scan with this, when/if the problem is detected, before you remove the infection please send the infected file into SaS for analysis so they may add it to their malware/virus definitions!
  15. hey Themorn, sounds like adware to me, try running SAS in safe mode, and down, malwarebytes and running that in safe mode as well www.malwarebytes.org I also suggest using AVG anti-virus free edition hope this helps!
  16. ah, okay, somewhere I had read it didn't somewhere.
  17. okay, if you can Jomin click this link on a safe PC, and down the AVG rescue CD http://www.avg.com/us-en/avg-rescue-cd#tba3 burn the ISO file to a CD, then boot one of the computers from this CD, do updates, and scan the PC using the rescue CD, if the malware is preventing the PC from booting this disc should allow you to scan before the malware can even load, and hopefully will be able to remove the infection/s also, the instructions on how to do everything can be obtained in the link as well, if need be!
  18. yeah it's bad to run things as admin, unfortunately sometimes it's required to fix a problem :-/
  19. hello Buddhafan! I have the same thing with even windows vista Home Premium SP2, but nothing you can really do about it I believe, even in Win7 it did the same thing with Malwarebytes pro, and spybot S&D, it seems windows does not detect programs like SAS and Mbam is anti-spyware, even though they very much ARE! but I think that is a problem on Microsofts end, not SAS, though if SAS can do something about it, it would be GREAT!
  20. thanks for the response Security Guru, and hopefully I can convince SAS into doing what I suggest, if you like atleast some of my suggestions perhaps you could contact them too and suggest it as well?
  21. I don't think it's a setting that was changed, try un-installing and re-installing SAS with a fresh installer downloaded from the SAS website www.superantispyware.com and then right click the .exe file on your desktop and click 'properties' this will open a smaller window,and you will be on the shortcut tab, go down and click 'advanced' then check 'run as administrator' this way every time you open SAS the UaC (user account control) will prompt you for permission (if you have it enabled, that is, if not it will not appear) and SAS will have admin permissions even when running it in normal user account.
  22. on top of what Security guru suggested, I suggest after un-installing SAS that you run a PC clean up tool (like AVG PC Tuneup, if you can afford it) this way any registry files that may have been causing this scan to stay, and not do the scan you want it to do will definitely be removed, then re-install SAS using a fresh installation file downloaded from the website.
  23. SAS doesn't run in safe mode, so you would have to either download malwarebytes and run that in safe mode, or get dr web's cureit! antivirus software that when run scans in a mode that prevents malware from shutting it down.
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