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  1. so I can't help but notice, that in the last couple of numbered program updates, there hasn't really been any neww features or technology added to SaS. I mean like stuff that makes people go "wow! SaS added anti-exploit protection" etc. It makes me kinda feel like SaS is going stale. This situation, to me, feels kinda like when SaS first debuted, and no one even recognized it as a real anti-spyware program, in fact, some thought it was malware itself, but, you guys pulled a rabbit out of the hat, and worked to make SaS good and recognized by anti-virus companies and othern anti-malware companies like malwarebytes, so, I believe in you guys, and I think you can do it again! SaS needs some pep put in its step. Like how for so long malwarebytes anti-malware was strictly just anti-malware, but then added anti-exploit capabilities. They also acquired famous programs like adwcleaner and JRT. I think you guys have the potential to one up malwarebytes, like you did in the beginning. YOU CAN DO EET!
  2. do you have any idea if/why it would cause system instability by removing it?
  3. did the sas support fix your problem dante? if not, might I suggest your internet connection may have been infected with a worm type malware. the malware doesn't reside in your your computer, but rather it is directly on your connection.
  4. Yes malware can respawn itself even after the removal, IF it was not completely removed and leftover malicious files remain. I would suggest letting SAS remove what it can and then running malwarebytes immediately after, but before rebooting to see if it picks up additional malicious files.
  5. I've seen this a few times and just no idea what it is, but occassionally one of my anti-malware programs will pick it up and remove it. It's list C:\End as a trojan horse malware, but after remove it is gone, but then the performance of my pc kinda goes whacky and random errors ensue. my first quest is, what is C:\END and why would removing it cause instabilitiy in the system?
  6. Hello MCD! when this high CPU usage occurs is it usually when you first log into your windows user account? or is it at different times after logged in? I ask because SaS also does the same for me, but only when it is updating, or if I have the "scan on startup" hope this helps!
  7. Hello Bear! sorry for the inconvenience you are having with the program! try deleting the desktop shortcut and going into the start menu, click all programs and look for the SaS folder, then expand it and look for the sas shortcut in it, right click it and and go to "send to" and then it will bring another lsit and select "desktop (create shortcut)" and see if that fixes it, if not try selecting alternet start icon and see if that fixes the problem, hope this helps!
  8. I REALLY think you should create a facebook page, and use your twitter account, here are some reasons you would benefit from doing so: 1) Reduced product cycles and better products by being able to get information directly from your users in an unfiltered form and through directed insights gathering. You will know that you are making the right changes and what your users really want. 2) Increased brand loyalty and advocacy - being seen as responsive encourages others to get involved and to recommend the product. More and more people aren't willing to go to the official channel for support, but expect that a tweet for help will be enough. If they don't hear back, they are gone. However, if their issue is solved, others can see as well, and will spread the word. This can ultimately reduce overall support costs, as other users will help out too.
  9. I think what KnRover means is that any folders added should be ignored when scanning, yes, which it normally does this, but for him, for some reason it is actually ignoring what he adds in there, as in even though he added a file or folder, it is STILL scanning said file/ or folder/s
  10. Hello Budd! most I don't think any anti-spyware/malware programs do this because of the fact that many of those tracking cookies are used for website preferences, and website logins, and if SaS started blocking them you could potentially have the wrong ones blocked which may cause problems on the websites that use those cookies, it is safer just to remove them after they have been placed, that way they were used as needed, hope this helped!
  11. Hello Silk! I am pretty sure it shouldn't be doing that when you hit the cancel button durring a scan, when ever I hit the cancel button it prompts me to remove any infects, I then select them and hiot remove, try un-installing and re-installign SaS or doing a repair on SaS, then run a scan and hit cancel mid way through, and see if the problem is fixed.
  12. Hello Sept! it sounds like to me that SaS indeed did not un-install properly and left behind some registry files and or system files that are making the computer think SaS is still running, but when SaS tries to do something, it hits a critical error! try clicking your SaS installation file, and see if it prompts you to repair or un-install, if it does choose un-install and hopefully it will get rid of the left overs, hope this helps!
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