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  1. Hi, Can you please tell me what Trojan.agent/gen-decay is? I found it while I ran superantispyware on safe mode under c:\Program Files (x86)Adobe\Reader 10.0\Reader\Reader_SL.exe. I'm worried cause this is the first virus that got through my security set up . Thanks!
  2. Hi, What's new with 5.0.1144? I tried to look up release notes here and on-line but could not find anything. Thanks!
  3. Yikes, does that mean that the old laptop is no longer safe since it's a backside hacker virus? I'm afraid to even go on bank sites on this laptop now and it looks like it was targeting my webcam cause the file was found under my Logitech webcam folders. Creepy!
  4. Hi, I was noticing that my old laptop was a little slow so I scanned it with superantispyware in safe mode. After the scan it found a virus called "Torjan.agent/gen-biforse". I tried to look up info it but couldn't find anything about it so I figured this would be the best place to ask. Is my old laptop still safe to use after it was removed or is this some type of backdoor virus? Also, what does the virus do in particular? Thanks!
  5. Ok, I figured out the culprit! . I realize now that superantispyware will only crash when I wake up my windows xp laptop from sleep mode. I've done this twice now and I get the end now button. Everytime I wake up my computer from sleep and do a restart I will get the end now button. But if I shut down my computer nornally and do a restart It works just fine. So that leads me to believe that sleep mode on my laptop is the sole culprit!
  6. Hello everyone, Thanks for all the answers. However, I seemed to have fixed the problem inadvertently when I did the following: 1. I installed the latest updates from Windows Updates 2. I deleted old versions of Java 3. I updated Macromedia Flash player and Active X 4. I deleted Google toolbar for internet explorer 5. I deleted Eset Online Scanner 6. I deleted Mcafee Site Advisor I don't know which of these steps allowed me to inadvertently fix the problem but I just tried restarting 3 times to see if I still get the problem but I don't get the "end now" message anymore. Why do I always get the weirdest problems lol. .
  7. Hi, I've had this problem for awhile now, it doesn't really bother me but I do find it a little bit weird and would like to know an answer or solution as to why it happens. The problem is that anytime that I restart my computer it will give me a message that Superantispyware(free version) has crashed and needs to close so I am always forced to press the end now button. I was thinking that it might have something to do with my Antivirus (Avast 6 Internet Security + Mbam Pro) but I'm not sure... Also while were at it, is it safe to add the Superantispyware pro version with my current set up of Avast 6 IS and Mbam Pro? Thanks!
  8. Thank you Seth! That solved the problem and everything is back to normal. That was really awkward though!!!
  9. Hi, Can anyone please tell me what's wrong... I recently opened my Superantispyware(Free Version) and the display screen was littered by check marks. I took a screenshot of it and I was gonna attach it to here but it said that the file was too big. It was working just fine just before I updated something on windows update, something about compatibility issues that were addressed. I don't know if that's what directly caused it or not though. But this is just too weird
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