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  1. Hello, I have SAS Pro Lifetime installed on a Windows 7 64bit laptop. After last update to v5 it jumps back to expired evaluation copy, please reinstall. I have tried uninstalling with SAS unstaller 64bit, restart, reinstall as admin. Tried this two times now without success! I have written a support request 5 days ago, but no response!! What do do??? Any good ideas? Jorlin ________________________________ Update: Finally a response from support after 5 days, BUT they ask me to reinstall a third time, AND they send me a link to the 32-bit version of Windows 7 even though I have clearly stated that I have the 64-bit version. Result was NOT GOOD! Still waiting for good advice!
  2. Hi, Same issues for me! After upgrading to version 5, my LIFETIME license of SA simply stop working. Every time the program starts I get the "Evaluation Period Expired" message. Have tried all suggested fixes on the web site to get going, but none works! Re-installed with uninstallation tool, reboot, new installation, run as admin, tried all of my reg.codes (I have two life time registrations) NOTHING IS WORKING! I'm running Windows 7 64-bit. Still waiting for reply on my support ticket, but no response after two days!!
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