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  1. Believe it or not, I've already tried all of these things. I don't think that I do have the cd. Bummer. Do you know what these behaviors might be indicating?
  2. Found and then deleted or quarantined 171 items. However, my pc actually seems worse now. It's back to opening everything up really really slowly, including both Firefox and IE. Tried em both. Having 2 problems that neither this scan nor my avast scan has been able to remedy: 1. When restarting pc it doesn't reboot, it just sorta goes into this noman's land. Black screen. I then, unfortunately, have to turn pc off manually which I know is not best (is the only solution tho). What happens then is it then starts to turn itself off and decides to turn itself back on. Weird! Upon turning itself back on, it then restarts correctly. Well, almost anyhow. 2. Each time it restarts, it resets the screen resolution to the lowest possible. So weird! Soooo, each and every time I have to restart, I also, then, have to go in and put settings back where they belong. 3. Avast is brand new to the pc and after running a full scan on it, it seemed to eliminate whatever it was that was causing the internet either not to open or to open ultra ultra slowly. However, since having run SAS, it's back to that again now. By the way, there were a few things that Avast could not scan apparently. One of them said this: C:\WINDOWS\bootstat.dat Error: Data error (cyclic redundancy/check)(23). I'm clueless as to what this is, what it means and what I should do about it, if anything. 4. Lastly, Windows keeps telling me that I have an update. I click to update it and after a couple of minutes it says that it was unable to install it. It's the same file every time. Says, "Some Updates could not be installed" "The following updates were not installed" - Update for Windows XP (KB2570791). When I looked in the "Windows" folder (is that called a directory?) it shows that that file IS already there. Anyways. Confused about all of the above. Any ideas? Help? Thanks
  3. Ahhh, didn't realize that I first had to click on "Scan...." to find this option. Boy was I searching and searching. ha. Thank you so much Seth! Gonna run the scan now thanks to you. Will post up again after scan is done. Felin
  4. I cannot find anywhere that it says "scan inside zip.." Where am I to find the area where I can disable this? I have the Free version. Help! Thanks
  5. Thank you very much! Going to try it now. Will be back with results later. Felin
  6. Hello all, Just downloaded SAS last night and started running first scan. Went to bed, got up this mornin and it is still running. Only thing is it appears to be stuck on same file. Has been on this file for at least 15 minutes now. Please advise. Also, I am so not computer literate so please be gentle with your terminology and detailed in steps I need to take, if you would please. Thanks so much! Threats Detected thus far - 149 (including tracking cookies) Felin
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