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  1. Thanks Dave. I got my SAS Pro upgraded via UI this afternoon and it says 1020. It threw me off at the beginning, but this explains it all. Thanks again. Oh ! I can see now that you have 1020 installer already at SAS site. Sorry.
  2. I too got the PM notification in my private E-mail because the PM settings are set to do so ( Notify me when I receive a new personal conversation ). The spammer did not get your HIDE Private E-Mail. The problem lays in how the spammer managed to send the PMs to all of us and SAS Forum did not catch it on time. Regards.
  3. Thank you. So if I like to install SAS in another computer, it is better to reset the key licence as you described in your reply to Junk1958 ( post # 3). Now. Does that mean that I will be getting another key licence in my e-mail ? Regards.
  4. News to me. I have two licenses and I have used both. One of them I have installed and uninstalled many times in my comp without problems. The other. I have used it in two different machines at home, an old Win 98 Gateway that I threw away a couple of years back and then I used the same license in a Vista Aspire that I got for my niece who lives at home with me. Are you saying that the licences are attached to the comp and not to the user ? Regards
  5. Junk1958. Just keep the key SAS sent you and use it in any new install. The registration is exclusively to the user not the computer, but remember that only one SAS must be active. Regards.
  6. Nighthawkext. Thank you for answering. When you say " next release ", are you talking about new version program ? Thank you again.
  7. It seems no one knows if SAS team is working on a way to read the cookies in English. If my first post did not make sence, let me explain. SAS always finds adware cookies when scanning. Before las Microsoft Tuesday update, I could read and know the cookies I will remove. Now it is impossible because Microsoft coded the cookies with numbers and letters. See screenshot. However CCleaner found a way to still show the cookies name as before. See screenshot, and Win Patrol is working on it so that the user can read the cookies the right way. Does any one know if SAS team is working on it ?
  8. Hi guys. After last Microsoft Tuesday update and the new way for IE to ID cookies, SAS only named them as IE ( Random numbers & letters ) making it difficult to know which cookies SAS is detecting. Some one knows if SAS team is working in a way to name cookies back again the right way like CCleaner does. Thank you.
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