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  1. There was nothing further to respond to, that's why no one updated the topic - we are in development on the technicians edition - it will only be available for licensed technicians (paid).

    ETA means estimated time of arrival, when will it be finished? Is it in alpha? Beta? Did you guys start developing 2 weeks ago? As my company does pay for the license I would love to have any information on when we can move from this current version of portable to the one where we can update it ourselves.

  2. It's updated each time we update our definitions, so it is always up to date. We will be providing a new technicains edition that can be licensed, that you can update from within the product so you don't have to redownload.

    Since no one is responding after 2 weeks, I will open a new topic for this question. What is the ETA on this?

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