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  1. Hi and thanks for responding. I will try but the problem is that I cannot get anything to run for very long including a browser window to get to the RKill site and download. I am on another computer right now. Any suggestions?
  2. My start menu and icons keep showing and then disappearing. When I checked out the tast manager in the process tab I saw that explorer.exe was starting and crashing in unison with the icons and start menu. I ran SAS three times and each time it looks like it removes the offending virus but then it reappears. I found online that it might be a virus that attacks explorer.exe and other exe files. I got two messages saying that my objects.map and objects.data were corrupted. Can anyone help me troubleshoot. It is actually really hard to get SAS to run or anything else. The only successful way that I found was going to the Registry Keys and changing the Shell from explorer.exe to another name.exe and then going to windows and renaming the explorer.exe file to that same name. This stops the starting and crashing of the icons and other programs. I then run New Task from the task manager and browse to find SAS in program files to run it. Sometimes takes several tries. Any help very much appreciated. This computer is my work from home computer with everything on it
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