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  1. What protection is there for ransomware in SAS? Is it automatically detected at runtime? Wannacry, Petya, Golden Eye etc...
  2. I am now running the version 5.0.1118 by different reasons. This version is where you need to reenter the license code.
  3. I have exactly the same problem. When will there be a solution? This is urgent!
  4. I have altered some of the functionality in Start-up options. I unchecked the box "Start SAS when Windows starts". It does not work! The same with some other options! If I alter the language to something else than English US it does not translate all sentences... This product is like a bad joke. Now I will buy Ad-Aware or IObit anti-Malware. They seem more reliable. But I will follow this forum to see how the product evolves and if to get the answers to my problems. It should not take weeks or even days to get SAS to work properly. Main functionality should work straight out-of-the-box I am happy I could try it before I bought it
  5. Great you admit and recognize this error! I also installed SAS Pro Trial on a PC with Windows 7. Same problem there. Strange you have problems reproducing it, since my two PCs now have the same problem...It is quite obvious that you released software wich is not fully tested...that is really bad!
  6. Honestly I do not know what todo...Scheduling should work in the version I have...but it does not and I am tired of wasting more time on this "simple" issue!
  7. So much troubles for such a key function/feature as scheduled scan. It must be a huge blow for this product to be released without having it work properly. I don´t understand how it passed the tests before relasing it? I have the Trial version which even don´t let me save the tasks for scheduling......unbelieveable!!!!! (See another post/thread) This is from SAS home page: Schedule either Quick, Complete or Custom Scans Daily or Weekly to ensure your computer is free from harmful software. Remove spyware automatically. BUT it is not even possible to setup a scheduled scan (at least in the Trial version)...and if you can, it does not even work... This product does not offer what it promises!
  8. Thanks, but I just need the solution and not the whole discussion! Furthermore it is not an issue about the TM (Windows task manager?) since I am not able to save any scheduled tasks at all inside SUPERAntiSpyware! THAT is my problem... Why does the SAS home page provide potential customers with a Trial version hat has a known severe error? To me it does not give any confidence... I have SUPERAntiSpyware PRO Trial version 5.0.1118 Core 7613 Trace 5425 and run it on Vista SP2. Is the PRO Trial version exactly the same version as PRO (without trial)? In the thread above I just read "the solution": Version 5.0.1118 is available now on both the update servers and the downloadable installer. For those of you having issues with the Windows Task Scheduler, update to 5.0.1118. Next, edit the scheduled scanning item(s) in SUPERAntiSpyware and ensure that the following option is enabled: "Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start was missed". SUPERAntiSpyware will check a couple minutes after the scan should have started. If it did not, then SUPERAntiSpyware will start it. The same limitations of the 4.x scheduler exist though - SUPERAntiSpyware must be running, the window must be closed and the computer cannot be powered off or in sleep mode. If your computer is in sleep mode and a scheduled scan is missed, SUPERAntiSpyware will start the scan after the system wakes. If SUPERAntiSpyware is closed or the system is powered off when a scheduled scan would have happened, you will get a notification window the next time you start SUPERAntiSpyware with the option to start the scan. Let us know your results! Those are the settings I have and it still does not make me save the scheduled tasks. Also, there is an option in SAS Pro: Wake computer from sleep to perform this task! The statment above says that you cannot be in sleep mode or powered off...hmm why has this become such a big issue and why does not Support put efforts in creating a reliable solution that works?
  9. Is there anyone who can solve this issue or gimme some information? I REFUSE to buy software that does not work...say no more! Is the scan scheduling and auto update locked up when/if I enter the license code at purchase? The first task is one of the preferred functions in this software...cannot cope without it! HELP!
  10. I installed SUPERAnitiSpyware Pro Trial version. I read that this version should be fully functional as if I had paid for it. BUT, I am not able to configure scheduled scan or automatic update since I cannot save these tasks that I create. In the panel where I add these tasks I can read that planned scanning and auto update are disabled even though I checked those boxes in the main menu. Are these two functions really enabled in Trial Version? Otherwise, how do I enable them?
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