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  1. Hi, Any one could help please... I'm still not able to get internet access despite I can see my wireless connection in the available networks. My log files are attached above in my 1st post. Thank you very much. -Fadi
  2. Hi, I had never populated IP and DNS before. I just opt for "Obtain an IP automatically" and the same for the DNS "Obtain DNS server address automatically". I'm using another computer on my wireless connection. nothing set for the IP and DNS... Anyway, I tried to set DNS to with the hope this will work.. but NO.. not working.. Thank you.. -Fadi
  3. Hi, If I restor to test can I re-quarantine them using superantispyware? how? Thank you -Fadi
  4. Hello, I can see my wireless network connection in the list of available wireless networks. But when I go to the "network icon" at the bottom right side of the laptop screen I see it with RED X. If I click this icon and go to "connet or disonnect..." I can see my wireless network connection (Blinke8889)and has signal strenght "excellent". If I choose Blinke8889 to connect to it, it takes 1 minute and then I get "connection unsuccessful" and I can see "Connected with limited access" near my Blinke8889 wireless network connection. I did the flushdns but nothing happen. Yes, I can use my wireless network connection (Blinke8889) from my desktop. The problem is apparently how to let my laptop connect to the Blinke8889. Yes I did run the Winsock fix .. but still have a red X on the network icon. In my SUPERantispyware log file that I have posted in the first post, I can see the following: SORRY for bothering you but hope you can help me... Thank you -Fadi
  5. Thank you for your reply. I tried that, but still the problem. I have XAMP installed, so I have run apache on localhost and just want to try if I can connect to my localhost using my browser, even localhost cannot be reached!! Apache is running.. but cannot connect to localhost using the browser. As for the internet connection, I can see my wireless connection in my wireless networks.. but when I try to connect to this wireless connection, I get "connection unsuccessful".. and then " connected with limited access"... What could be the problem? -Fadi
  6. Hi. I did that.. and I got "connection unsuccessful.. This computer is connected to Blink8992 but does not have access to the internet. etc.." I tried to switch on/of the router but still not able to connect to the internet. I have a red X on the connection icon. Any suggestion? -Fadi
  7. Hi, Thank you for your reply. the link you refered to is about deleting wireless network connection... So, Should I delete my wireless network connection and create a new one? Is this is what should I do? Sorry, but I'm beginner in that? Thank you very much -Fadi
  8. Hello, I was trying to download softwares from the internet and sunddenly chorme and firefox don't run. IE still running so I connected to the internet and searched for this and posts recommended to download SUPERAntispyware. I did download SUPERantispyware and run it. It detects a lot of things.. then I proceed to deleted the detected warm, trojan etc.. I restarted the computer, now chrome and firefox and IE all could be opened BUT I LOST INTERNET CONNECTION. The wireless of my laptop is detecting the connection but the small icon has a red x on it. If I try to connect to the wireless connection, I get connection unsuccessful. I'm using windows vista. I'm not able to attach the The log file generated by SUPERantispyware. PLEASE HELP. Thank you. -FADI ############################ PART OF THE LOG FILE ########################### SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log https://www.superantispyware.com Generated 08/25/2011 at 10:02 PM Application Version : 5.0.1118 Core Rules Database Version : 7600 Trace Rules Database Version: 5412 Scan type : Complete Scan Total Scan Time : 06:52:11 Operating System Information Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit, Service Pack 2 (Build 6.00.6002) UAC Off - Administrator Memory items scanned : 1000 Memory threats detected : 1 Registry items scanned : 43952 Registry threats detected : 32 File items scanned : 565781 File threats detected : 770 Adware.HBHelper HKCR\CLSID\{CA3EB689-8F09-4026-AA10-B9534C691CE0} HKCR\CLSID\{CA3EB689-8F09-4026-AA10-B9534C691CE0}\InprocServer32 HKCR\CLSID\{CA3EB689-8F09-4026-AA10-B9534C691CE0}\InprocServer32#ThreadingModel HKCR\CLSID\{CA3EB689-8F09-4026-AA10-B9534C691CE0}\ProgID HKCR\CLSID\{CA3EB689-8F09-4026-AA10-B9534C691CE0}\TypeLib HKCR\CLSID\{CA3EB689-8F09-4026-AA10-B9534C691CE0}\VersionIndependentProgID HKLM\Software\Classes\CLSID\{CA3EB689-8F09-4026-AA10-B9534C691CE0} HKCR\CLSID\{CA3EB689-8F09-4026-AA10-B9534C691CE0} HKCR\URLSearchHook.ToolbarURLSearchHook.1 HKCR\URLSearchHook.ToolbarURLSearchHook.1\CLSID HKCR\URLSearchHook.ToolbarURLSearchHook HKCR\URLSearchHook.ToolbarURLSearchHook\CLSID HKCR\TypeLib\{4509D3CC-B642-4745-B030-645B79522C6D} HKCR\TypeLib\{4509D3CC-B642-4745-B030-645B79522C6D}\1.0 HKCR\TypeLib\{4509D3CC-B642-4745-B030-645B79522C6D}\1.0\0 HKCR\TypeLib\{4509D3CC-B642-4745-B030-645B79522C6D}\1.0\0\win32 HKCR\TypeLib\{4509D3CC-B642-4745-B030-645B79522C6D}\1.0\FLAGS HKCR\TypeLib\{4509D3CC-B642-4745-B030-645B79522C6D}\1.0\HELPDIR C:\PROGRAM FILES\SPEEDBIT VIDEO DOWNLOADER\TOOLBAR\TBHELPER.DLL C:\PROGRAM FILES\SPEEDBIT VIDEO DOWNLOADER\TOOLBAR\TBHELPER.DLL HKU\S-1-5-21-255948995-4086951440-1813727491-1000\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\URLSearchHooks#{CA3EB689-8F09-4026-AA10-B9534C691CE0} [sASINPROCSERVER32] C:\USERS\FADI\APPDATA\LOCAL\TEMP\SVCINST\TBHELPER.DLL Browser Hijacker.Deskbar HKCR\Interface\{4897BBA6-48D9-468C-8EFA-846275D7701B} HKCR\Interface\{4897BBA6-48D9-468C-8EFA-846275D7701B}\ProxyStubClsid HKCR\Interface\{4897BBA6-48D9-468C-8EFA-846275D7701B}\ProxyStubClsid32 HKCR\Interface\{4897BBA6-48D9-468C-8EFA-846275D7701B}\TypeLib HKCR\Interface\{4897BBA6-48D9-468C-8EFA-846275D7701B}\TypeLib#Version Trojan.DNSChanger-Codec C:\Program Files\videosoft\Shared Files\ViewRep7.dll C:\Program Files\videosoft\Shared Files\Vsflex7.ocx C:\Program Files\videosoft\Shared Files\VSPRINT7.ocx C:\Program Files\videosoft\Shared Files\VSStr7.ocx C:\Program Files\videosoft\Shared Files C:\Program Files\videosoft Trojan.DNS-Changer (Hi-Jacked DNS) HKLM\SYSTEM\CONTROLSET001\SERVICES\TCPIP\PARAMETERS\INTERFACES\{E9200FB1-6C5A-4E36-B35D-7E62555F2382}#NAMESERVER HKLM\SYSTEM\CONTROLSET002\SERVICES\TCPIP\PARAMETERS\INTERFACES\{E9200FB1-6C5A-4E36-B35D-7E62555F2382}#NAMESERVER HKLM\SYSTEM\CURRENTCONTROLSET\SERVICES\TCPIP\PARAMETERS\INTERFACES\{E9200FB1-6C5A-4E36-B35D-7E62555F2382}#NAMESERVER HKLM\SYSTEM\CURRENTCONTROLSET\SERVICES\TCPIP\PARAMETERS#NAMESERVER HKLM\SYSTEM\CONTROLSET001\SERVICES\TCPIP\PARAMETERS#NAMESERVER HKLM\SYSTEM\CONTROLSET002\SERVICES\TCPIP\PARAMETERS#NAMESERVER Malware.Trace C:\Windows\Tasks\{35DC3473-A719-4d14-B7C1-FD326CA84A0C}.job C:\Windows\TASKS\{22116563-108C-42c0-A7CE-60161B75E508}.job HKU\S-1-5-21-255948995-4086951440-1813727491-1000\SOFTWARE\XML HKU\S-1-5-21-255948995-4086951440-1813727491-1000\Software\Microsoft\Handle
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