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  1. Sorry about taking so long to reply. The admin DB version is the same as the limited, which today, is 8619 (trace 6431). Leads me to believe the date of last definition update is incorrect, not the defs themselves. But if that's true. why won't the "last updated" date change? It still shows 4/13/2012.
  2. I have SAS Pro and am having a real problem with updates but ONLY on my admin account. My limited user account updates fine. Both Accounts show the following: Program ver: 5.0.1148 DB ver: 8602 Trace: 6414 Limited user acct - auto updates with no problem and stays current - DB Status: Last updated 2 hours ago (5/15/12) Admin acct - does not auto update - when I check for updates claims "definitions are up to date." - DB Status: Last updated 32 days ago (4/13/2012) I actually had the same problem over a month ago and reinstalled but it just keeps happening. I have downloaded and installed manual definition updates using Run as Administrator but still, the admin won't state that it is updated. Pointless for me to scan as admin if the defs are outdated. Any idea how I can fix this?
  3. The FAQ states: Sorry to question what's already been stated but my firewall is currently setup to block all inbound traffic. Is incoming traffic required for protection? I don't need an explanation...I trust a simple "Yes" or "No" from SAS.
  4. What are the SAS IP Address for Definition Updates? I'd like to add to my firewall rules for auto definition updates. Thanks!
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