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  1. I also got a PM by SexMailz, seems he/she hit the entire forum membership. Is there an option to not accept PMs by anyone other than admins/mods? What I'd like to see is an option to report this kind of messages without having to actually open them.
  2. Hello, I'm new here, actually I registered because I have the exact same problem (sorry, don't mean to high-jack someone else's thread) and the post I made about it on the Wilders Security Forums got no reply. Here's a copy from that post: That was a few days ago. In the mean time: 1. I succesfully updated to v.5.0.1118 from within SAS on the Win XP Home 32bit machine and preferences stick. 2. I reinstalled v.5.0.1118 on the Win XP Pro 32bit laptop (after clean unistalling the previous version), changed preferences - again the same. 3. Booted into Safe Mode with Administrator Account, changed preferences - sticked for as long as I was in Safe Mode, the moment I rebooted into Normal Mode of my User Account (which has administrative rights) problem's back. 4. Booted into Safe Mode with my User Account (which has administrative rights) changed preferences - same results as in Normal Mode. Now, Seth mentioned (in another similar thread as well) that: but I've looked high and low in the registry (on both machines) and couldn't find anything related to SAS preferences - maybe I missed the entries, so kindly point me to the right direction. Plus, I compared all SAS entries and couldn't find any differences. Both machines run Avast free with the same settings. Laptop doesn't run any other programs in real time, is on Windows Firewall and Spybot - Search & Destroy is not installed. So, if you could provide some logical explanation and help, it will be very much appreciated. If you need any more info, glad to provide it (though laptop has a very basic/normal setup). TA P.S. FWIW, I also succesfully updated to v.5.0.1118 from within SAS on a Win7 Home Premium 64bit laptop.
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