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  1. CJE

    Why ??

    Cracked it was set to update every 4 hours, instead of at specific times. Therefore every time PC started in the morning, it was catching up with what would be missed updates
  2. CJE

    Why ??

    Since the recent update fiasco - I have the situation where superantispyware does and displays a definations update upon startup. This it does despite this action not being authorised (in preferences) Its only a small annoyance, but do I need to remove program and re-install? Cheers
  3. Many thanks Michael G for clarifying the issue for me Regards
  4. Up until recently - if some unwelcome item was detected, this would be flagged up in both 'view scan logs' AND 'manage quarantine'. The latter would indicate that items had been deleted. I notice that no such entries are currently being notified, whereas they are listed in the 'view scan log' entries. Any thoughts on this one guys? Thanks
  5. Many thanks for that information - will now try via IE and see what happens regards
  6. Hi Folks until recently, when SAS picked up 'X' numbers of malware - entries were to be found in both the view scan logs AND the Manage quarantine areas. Nothing now appears in the quarantined items folder! I feel sure that on past occasions, I had a choice at some point as to how I wanted to deal with these entries. Has that changed? - or have I a configuration setting wrong somewhere? Your help would be appreciated
  7. Hi Folks - I'm new here, and also relatively new to SuperAntispyware Pro! Although the program certainly finds spyware, and I then get the opportunity of deleting threats - nothing appears to go to the quarantine. This did happen (sure it did) before I had a hard drive failure and had to reinstall everything. I believe there may be a setting that needs to be tweaked before this happens - can someone kindly point me in the right direction Thanks CJE
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