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  1. All is good now. Dunno why... I'll give it a couple more days to see if anything changes.
  2. On two of my computers that I tried using v5 on. I'll try again with Kaspersky disabled and see if it makes a difference. No only I know how to configure the router. And I sure didn't change any router settings.
  3. Yep I used the uninstaller. I also have Kaspersky Internet Security and a DD-WRT router. That's it. Nothing has changed from when I was using V4. Well it gets stuck at authenticating for hours. I left it on overnight before and when I woke up the next day, it was still still at that screen. Couldn't find any definition updates or anything.
  4. I'm using the pro version of SUPERAntiSpyware v5 and when I'm trying to do definition updates, nothing happens. It just gets stuck at authenticating connection. I try closing the update but it doesn't close, forcing me to close the program via Task Manager. It's not like the program crashed and froze or anything. This is happening on all my PCs too, not just mine.
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