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    Bugs in SAS 5.0

    There's a temporary solution? It's really annoying...
  2. RNN

    Bugs in SAS 5.0

    I've already tried it. I even remove the software with Revo Uninstaller to delete the remnant registry values of the software. It's still doing the same problem...
  3. Hi, When I enter to the program I get a message that i dont update the program for 14 days. There is a box which enable to turn off the definition updates reminders, bus when I mark it there is no change. Another situation is when i exit the program it's ask if I sure that I want to exit and again, I marked the box to not show this message and I still get this message. I already re-installed the software and downloaded it several times from the official site. Hope you will fix it soon, Thanks.
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