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  1. I am new to the board here. I had experienced a malicious TROJAN that had taken over EXPLORER (redirect through AD POP-UPs), SYSTEM RESTORE and DOS run command. Every time I found it on Superspyware, it replicated itself and the problem would continue. After 3 days of working on this, I believe I have isolated the virus (through another antivirus program). I believe this virus was labeled "Trojan.JS.Redirect". Unfortunatly, it has left some damage behind whereby I still cannot use "RUN" (DOS commands) in STARTUP and I periodically now get "blue screens" when booting-up. Couple of questions: Why did SUPERspyware miss this and how do I know if it is really gone? Any ideas how to "fix" the issue about "RUN"? Did this corrupt my REGISTRY? Thanks in advance.
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