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  1. When I manually download the SASDEFINITIONS.EXE file and run it it comes up with "SuperAntiSpyware caanot be detected. Please re-install SuperAntiSpyware and try again. OS: Windows 8 64Bit SuperAntiSpyware Free Updating within the applications is fine. I also have a pc with Windows XP 32Bit and have no problem manually updating with the definitions file SASDEFINITIONS.EXE.
  2. Manual definitions updates file sasdefinitions.exe is currently triggering Mcafee VirusScan with DAT Version 7023.0000. It comes up as W32/Fujacks.be. I have several PC's that run SuperAntiSpyware so prefer to download the manual definitions and run them on the various PC's.
  3. Isn't that exactly what I said but in a different way that there may be a problem with the update and so there is a delay before it is rolled out? But surely there are beta testers . Either way that is a long time to wait for any updates from Version to Version It has been almost a month since the date on the update was created. I ahve had to moanually update. That required a re-boot. Although I was able to copy the files after stopping the SAS Service on another PC. Why the setup file cannot do I don't understand?
  4. Version released has gone from 5.1.1002 to 5.5.1006 and now to 5.5.1012 and still no internal update. This is quite ridiculous. Still stuck at 5.1.1002. Why have an internal update facility if you do use it on a regular basis when new versions are made available. Is it that you don't trust your own updates and so don't roll them out until you are quite sure. In which case your quality control is not very good.
  5. Emsisoft AntiMalware also runs as a windows service but doesn't require a system re-boot, just an application re-start. I was actually able to force an update on SuperAntiSpyware by using the Unlocker freeware programme to unlock those files that were not able to be updated namely "SASWINLO.DLL". I then copied the files from another system that had already been updated. Everything seems to be fine.
  6. It would be nice not to have to re-boot the system for every application update to a new Version.
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