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  1. Thank you for that reassuring detection information.
  2. Because that deletes all of my cookies, including my logins. The scan only deletes adware tracking cookies.
  3. Just checking in again. Despite what Microsoft might have done to IE, I just ran a full scan, database 7573, found 0 tracking cookies. Immediately ran a Norton Full Scan, found and resolved 22 tracking cookies. I am running: Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit, SP2 Internet Explorer 8 SAS version 5.0.1116 and I would say SAS has a software problem. I have always considered SAS to be the more comprehensive spyware checker. Now I am concerned if this new release is missing things other than tracking cookies. I have attached the log from the Norton scan.norton tracking cookies.txt
  4. I just downloaded new definitions, updated to 5.0.1116 and rebooted. Still no tracking cookies and I do have the preference turned on.
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