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  1. Wow. What a lot of talk and trouble. It's not even worth $29 or whatever I paid for a lifetime subscription to SAS a couple years ago to pursue a fix for this issue that should never have been an issue. I'll keep using ver 4 until it craps out. Then I'll find a better, more stable, reliable application that fits my basic needs. Too bad. Very sad to see one of my favorite products fail this way. Unsubscribing to thread now...
  2. I agree. Certainly for me, if this issue is not fixed, and if/when definition updates no longer work for version 4, I'll be forced to leave my paid lifetime subscription to SAS behind. That's not fair to me, and not fair to the reputation that SAS had developed. Please don't drop the ball on this.
  3. How about an user selectable option? If SAS already has the core code for these routines, why not make it a choice like this: __ Use the limited, but very reliable, built-in SAS scan scheduler. - or - __ For more advanced scheduling needs, use your operating system's task scheduler (Windows Task Scheduler)
  4. I did not do the detailed clean up after the install as you did. So, I might have some leftovers. Does that present a problem? Do you know what the file names of those two prefetch files are/were? The ver 4 I'm running now seems to be working fine BTW: Thanks for your help on this. I hope this thread will help others with this issue, too.
  5. Yup - Duh! Right after I posted that, I re-installed the downgrade again. This time I did not put in my reg number at the install prompt, and then was presented with that old familiar screen with the scheduling option. Looks like the un-install did not clean up everything, as the application retained my reg info. Let's see if the scheduler works with the newly installed old version 4 ... (tic, toc - tic, toc...) Oh, sweet! It worked! As in this case, seems that NEWER is not always BETTER. Again, I'd like to ask that the SAS developers please look at this issue and resolve it. I would really like to enjoy the faster scans of version 5.
  6. I just did the "downgrade", and even with my registration number entered and accepted, there is no longer an interface for scheduling scans under the "Scanning Control" tab. I rebooted to see if that would help. No dice. Any suggestions?
  7. I am experiencing the same issue. Ever since the upgrade to ver 5, scheduled scans will not run. Running Windows XP as admin. I've messed around with the windows scheduler trying various configurations with/without passwords, etc. I've tried setting up the scan to run as a quick or complete - no difference. I find it really very frustrating that a updated version of an application is delivered with this kind of flaw - especially when it worked as it should in the last version. This is a program that needs to run as an automatic scheduled scan in order to be most effective. PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS ISSUE FURTHER. I'm sure many users, like me, have not realized the scheduled scans are not running. It took me a few days to notice. I'd like to revert to the previous version until this issue is corrected. How do I go about doing that?
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