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  1. Thanks for that info. It came back on for me yesterday (Friday) and it is now working just fine. While waiting, I did the total uninstall of SAS and installed it again, but my license wasn't recognized, most likely due to the datacenter problem. Later in the day everything was back up to snuff, including my license and latest definitions. All is well. Buffalo4
  2. Same here with my Lifetime License. Started yesterday. Thanks, I haven't tried manual updating off the SAS site itself. Ver: 8.0.1038 Database Ver 15487 ( 05/02/2019) Curious? Where do you find the 'trace' number installed? Thanks, Buffalo4 PS: Running Win 10 Home 64 bit on a Desktop and Avast Free Edition and Windows Firewall PPS: Also allowed through Windows Firewall--only firewall I use
  3. Just curious is anyone else had a problem with the SAS Pro ver 6.0.1116 using 50% on their cpu while just on? This was on a dual core (1.67GHz) Dell laptop with 2GB of ram and running xp sp3. Also, when I upgraded it over the top with ver 6,0,1126 it solved that particular problem. Looking forward to a final release that will be stable for several months. Thanks, Still love SAS and liking the new look.
  4. When I installed the Pro SAS 6.0.1116 ver on my laptop running XP SP3, SAS was constantly using aprox 50% of my cpu, even though it was not updateing or scanning, that I could tell. This went on for over an hour and I finally rebooted and it did the same. I then turned SAS off and installed 1126 and that took care of that problem. I installed over the top. I am going to wait a few more days or so and then dl and install the latest version. Buffalo
  5. The dl and install of the defs is so much faster and it is working like it is supposed to. Everything is quicker. Thanks a bunch. Buffalo
  6. Happy to report that ver 5.6.1008 is updating normally now on my Win2000ProSP4 system. When Don Fowler suggested I update to the Beta ver 5.6.1006, I dedided to try it since SAS would usually not update and would give me an error message and was asked to send a report, which I did many times in the last yr or so. I then updated to ver 5.6.1008 and it is also working as it should. I now have it set to update automatically. Before if I wanted to update the defs, I would have to go to the website, dl and save the defs, and then manually install them. It would work most of the time, but sometimes SAS would not re-start by itself after the update and I would have to manually start the SAS program itself from its shortcut. I am using the SAS Pro Lifetime version. Thanks again, Buffalo4 PS: I don't know what they changed to make it work on my system, but I believe it was probably something simple. Still, I would like to know.
  7. Same thing just again. I think it is hopeless. Buffalo4
  8. First def update went without a hitch. 5 minutes ago the second one is back to doing the same thing giving me an error message and asking me to submit a report. Oh well, when I update my OS somewhere in the next year or so, perhaps it will work then. Now I am back to manually dl'ing and manually installing the defs again. I was sure hoping it was finally fixed. Buffalo4
  9. Download and install the latest version 5.1.1002. I had problems getting the def dl's to install on my W2kProSP4 system while using Ver 5.0.1150 (Pro Version) and had to do manual def dl's and then install them manually. The new version 'seems' to have corrected the problem. Buffalo4
  10. After creating the ticket and getting informed by you that you had no solution for my problem, i just manually dl'd the defs and then installed them. It worked most of the time. If I exited SAS first and then installed the defs, it worked every time. NOW, since I dl'd and installed the 5.1.1002 version, SAS has been working just fine by just using the update button. I have used it 3 times so far and it is still working fine, Hopefully whatever you did with the latest version continues to work on my Win2000Pro SP4 OS. Thank you! Buffalo4
  11. I have just created a ticket. Thanks, Buffalo4
  12. I use the Pro Lifetime version and I check for updates manually, several times a day. At least once a day, I get a message that an error had occured while I do the update and if I want to submit an error report. It dl's OK and decompresses OK and then it happens. I do and I also include my email address. It then asks me if I want to restart SAS, and I say NO!!! because the last time I agreed to it, I had to reinstall my OS. Many, many wasted hours. I now say no and then I manually restart SAS and all is fine and the def seem to have been updated. If I immediately go for an update again, it says it is up to date. This has been happening regularly for several months. I have tried going to your website and manually dl'd and manually updating and it works fine. I use Win2000SP4 I use FF 10.0.2 I use Script Sentry I use Avira Free I use SpywareBlaster I have tried disabling Avira before dl'ing SAS updates and it still happens. Any ideas? Thanks, Buffalo4 PS: What happens to all those reports that SAS sent in with my email addy?
  13. I would not run CC's Registry Cleaner and let it delete all that it finds. I have had problems with programs after running CC'a Registry Cleaner and letting it delete all it finds. If you use it, look at what it wants to delete and only delete what you know you don't need. Buffalo4
  14. I received the same this am. Buffalo4
  15. I uninstalled SAS with the SAS uninstaller program and dl'd and installed the latest SAS Pro version (site states it is ver 5.0.1108 but it actually turns out to be ver 5.0.1118. (yes 1118 and not 1116). Now neither Avira nor Comodo hit on the superantispyware.exe file. When I tried the SAS update option, it would not find the 1118 ver. So, perhaps in a few days, the update program will find the newer version. BTW, Thanks SAS, the new Ver5 is doing great!!!!! Much faster scans, etc. Buffalo4
  16. The latest SAS ver 5.0.1118 (not 5.0.1116) takes care of the problem where Avira and Comodo find SAS as malware. Course, you may have to uninstall and dl the latest SAS (even though it says it is 5.0.1108, it actually is 5.0.1118. When I tried the update feature with SASpro on Ver 1116, it would not find the newest version. Buffalo4 PS: Happy that SAS took care of the problem.
  17. Thanks for the quick work. Now Avira (free version) finds the superantispyware.exe file to be Malware TR/SpySpatet.BC and denies SuperAntiSpyware.exe acess. I did send that file to Avira as a false positive. It only happened after the latest Avira def update (V7.11.13.37 8/12/2011). Anyway, since your latest SAS def update, my SAS problems appeared to disappear, or perhaps the Avira catch happened because of the SAS def update, I can't remember. Buffalo4
  18. I also received the same warning from Avira and, even though I put the SAS executable (inc path) in the Exception Box for both the Scanner and the Guard. Avira kept popping up a box saying superantispyware.exe , access denied. So, I just stopped SAS from running at startup and rebooted. I am not running SAS Pro at this time. Buffalo PS: I did submit that file to Avira and got an automated response that they are looking at it. Hopefully they will correct this problem with their next def update. This only started with the new def update to Avira (V7.11.13.37 on 8/12/2011).
  19. I also have Win2000ProSP4 and the lifetime version of SAS. When I did a reinstall of ver 5. that message also came up. The SAS website also states that Win2000Pro is supported. Before I did a reinstall, I also had a problem a day after the update to the newer version when I updated the def files and then tried to do a scan. It immediately put up an error and stated it was sending a report to SAS. I agreed and SAS was shutdown and restarted by its program and then my system froze (for over 5 min). When I shut down through Task Manager (took almost two minutes for it to come up) and did a reboot, my PC would only boot up to the 'Applying your personal settings' and then reboot. The same happened in Safe Mode. I had to do a repair install of Win2000Pro and then apply a 'zillion' updates. I wasted over 15hrs researching etc. Now it is almost normal. Overall, SAS might be a great program, but it has only found cookies on my machine and false positives and caused me over 30hrs of work, overall. If they say Win2000 is not one of their supported OS's, then damnit, they ought to send an email to the registered owners. Buffalo4
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