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  1. Correction ... as long as the computer is on SAS will start scanning without a popup window ...
  2. It's not a perfect solution (it doesn't start scanning automatically, but instead pops up a window to click on to start a scan; and while it's scanning one cannot access preferences and the like), but it works, and for that thanks.
  3. SilkPhoenix: Did going to V5.0.116 solve the TS problem?
  4. Thanks for the suggestion ... alas, I tried it and it didn't work ... but again, thanks anyhow ... and I'm glad what you tried worked for you ...
  5. Thank you. I'm glad to hear this. It restores my faith in SAS.
  6. Bob: I think SAS should offer you a customer service rep job ... you seem to meet their profile of how to "deal with" customers who give feedback SAS does not care to hear. SilkPhoenix: Thank you! You said exactly what I was trying to say, but you said it better. --gene (in Phoenix)
  7. Dave ... (1) SAS has clearly stated that it decided to use MS Task Scheduler in V5 rather than go through the effort and cost of developing its own scheduler. It's in my support ticket thread and in this Forum topic thread. (2) Also, in both threads, SAS has said that it has no responsibility to fix the issue based on its belief that the problem is with MS Task Scheduler (just as it would have no responsibility to fix a print spooling issue). I don't know how SAS could express more clearly that it considers the scheduling issue to be a problem that SAS is not going to deal with and is going to leave customers on their own with. I paid for a lifetime license that I thought would include functioning upgraded versions of SAS. I would like my license fee back.
  8. I just got a response on my support ticket thread saying in effect that SAS understood the issue was out there but didn't care because of the cost savings of using MS Task Scheduler rather than write its own or just giving users the option of using Task Scheduler or whatever it was SAS did with V4. I've asked SAS for my license fee back ... and will be switching to the paid version of MalwareBytes. I don't know any other way to get SAS's attention. They are dug in on this issue.
  9. It's amazing that, according to SAS, so many computers are out there with corrupted Task Schedulers even though at least some of them (two in my case) have never been touched in any way and continue to work in scheduling other programs and functions. One also must wonder if SAS beta tested at all their new Task Scheduler way of scheduling and found no problems with any beta tester or, if SAS did, it just chalked it up to corrupted Task Schedulers out there all over the place. PS: Here is another suggested work around: While setting SAS to scan on startup, booting up will be slowed down. But one can delay the startup of SAS so that everything else boots, and then SAS boots up and, if set to scan on startup, should then start a scan. That said, I'm just staying with V4.56 (although one has to be careful not to download and install the program addition that installs V5).
  10. 1. I have had a similar experience under my support ticket. They have taken 48 hours to respond each time and the only two suggestions are to reinstall and the uncheck thing Dave keeps suggesting, neither of which work. 2. I too recommended SAS to quite a few people after my tech support person recommended it to me. No one realizes they have the problem until they look at the scan log. I alerted them to the potential problem and a great percentage of them have it. 3. The sad conclusion is that SAS is not taking this problem seriously and the even sadder conclusion is that it will not explain why it won't make the Task Scheduler an optional approach to scheduled scanning for those who want the extra features and for whom it works, and allow V5 schedule scanning just as it was allowed in V4 (which I've now reverted to) for those who don't need the extra TS features or for whom the scheduled scanning won't work. 4. Dave, the uncheck/check you keep suggesting does not solve the problem. Please stop suggesting it.
  11. Wayne ... I totally agree with you ... I fear SAS has dug on this and just doesn't get it and has no clue as to the number of users affected by their decision to go cheap by hooking into MS Task Scheduler and to go even cheaper into not giving users an option ... it doesn't take much for an IT service like SAS to get a reputation for being not smart and insensitive to their customers, but I fear SAS is on that path ...
  12. Dave, would you please quantify what you mean by the "overwhelming" support you have gotten for the schedule scan changes. Do you have any real numbers or statistics to support your statement? No one knows that the schedule scan doesn't work until they check their scan logs. I thought it was great until I did. I'll go out on the limb to tell you that, as more people check their scan logs, you will continue to hear more reports of problems. BTW, SAS is the only scanning service, free or paid, that has this problem. I think you might see that moving to V5 is going to cause an erosion in your customer base.
  13. 1. I tried your suggestion. It did NOT solve the problem. 2. Just by way of info, the problem is appearing on two of my computers but not a third. They all run XP and I've never touched the Task Scheduler on any of them. Other scheduled tasks are running just fine. So, this is not a case where the user did something to the Task Scheduler.
  14. 1. Thank you to the others for also suggesting the "user option" route. I can't wait to hear Dave's answer to that. 2. In my Task Scheduler log, here is the message given for the SAS scheduling not working: "0x8004130f: No account information could be found in the Task Scheduler security database for the task indicated." This is NOT an isolated problem. If you plug the quote into Google, it will light up as a known issue. It is so disappointing that SAS did not look at this before going to Task Scheduler to at least be able to help customers.
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