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  1. I got it to run by changing the default browser to IE and running it in IE. Suggestions to SAS: 1 - State clearly this will not run on FF after V3. Runs only on IE. 2 - The application knows FF is the default browser. I would guess it can also find out what version. If so, don't go to load FF add-in page. Generate a message that IE has to be the default browser. 3 - When displaying the things that are running; if you would like us to tell you what some of the unknowns are you should make provision for adding comments to the items and then submitting. There were a lot of unknowns that are relatively common things.
  2. Got it. I read that but concluded erroneously, and perhaps illogically, that it could not possibly mean they were not updating it with FF releases. Even though I noted that the instructions were not consistent with current FF.
  3. That is what I did to get the error message.
  4. I tried to install the whats running on your computer program. I have Firefox 5, win 7 64. SAS 5 Pro licensed. I get a message that the file was not installed because it is corrupt.
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