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  1. After re-installation and reboot it worked.
  2. I have the professional version and am a lifetime member. Running Windows 7, Comodo antivirus, superantispyware, cobian backup, poptray, and evernote in the tray. I have no other start up items. Superantispyware updates fine when I boot but then stops working, and I cannot R click on the Icon, I get no response. If I use the Alternative start, then everything is fine until the next sesison or next update. I have 2 licenses and this does not occur on my other PC, whcih has an identical start up routine and is also running Windows 7. Any help would be appreciated. flitekling
  3. I recently switched from Firefox to the Seamonkey browser (both Mozilla). Will SAS scan the Seamonkey Cache for issues and tracking cookies? Thanks. SAS is one of the top 5 software purchases I have ever made. Been working in the industry for several years.
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