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  1. I've also noticed that many more PUPs are able to 'hide' from SAS and can only be dectected and removed with other scanners. I can't tell yet if this situation results from the lackadaisiacal attidude of the company or it it's by design; however, I'll be watching.
  2. Have you run an advanced Disk Cleaner lately?
  3. Should be adjustable in increments of 10-25%.
  4. Should be allowed to continue when SAS is reduced to task bar.
  5. It happened again; my bad (mistake) I'm sorry! This time I tracked the culprit to the most wonderful 'CrapCleaner'.
  6. In the interest of Full Disclosure, I admit that I set the Automatic Cleaning for 13(!) days. Just as buildings don't have a 13th floor, I suspect the designers of SAS jus' don't like 13.
  7. When checked it will delete all logs after the indicated number of days; not just logs older than the indicated number of days. Surprise!
  8. The Trial ver works fine; as that is the ver I used (to keep from repeatedly typing in the numbers) while 'fixing' the error in my XP system. I suggest you read the whole discussion and try all the suggested 'fixes' (including the one that worked for me). Or you can revert to ver 4 which doesn't depend on TM.
  9. Hi Kalzon, it sounds like a TM problem. Please follow this thread: http://forums.supera...duled-scanning/ Hope it helps.
  10. It's the 'Heuristic' abilities of SAS that makes it Soo Good!!! There will ALWAYS be a time lag between actual 'malwares' and the release of 'definitions'.
  11. Been checking every 15min and jus' got it!!! The time should be correct too!! (2:04pm)
  12. Am I the only one who can't get def's updated w/v1118???
  13. "The questions you ask set limits on the answers you find."

    "There's no such thing as a stupid question; only stupid people who ask them."

  14. KEEP your cookies!! I don't want'em!!! http://online.wsj.com/article/SB112129842537185221.html
  15. IT'S A TEXT FILE!!! I'm not trying to prove anything to you. If you like, you can learn to use a DEBUGGER and prove to yourself that assembler code can be embedded in ANY TEXT FILE.
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