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  1. I have now managed to submit the false positive query from the SAS program. Please ignore. Thanks RR.
  2. Hi, I have two browsers I need to uninstall, Maxthon2 and Maxthon3 from a WinVista32 machine. I tried them out for a specific functionality but no longer need them. The uninstaller for each, mxuninstall.exe, fire an alert "Trojan.Agent/Gen-FakeAlert[Local].Process" from a temp file in C:\users\accountName\local\temp\ although the files reside in the respective program folders. SAS scans do not detect these as a threat, so I cannot submit a 'false positive' request via the scan engine. Any advice as to if I should ignore or be concerned would be appreciated. Regards RR
  3. Just an update to help anyone searching the forum with a similar problem. Thanks to all for your help and assistance here. I opened a support ticket and saw the note that I could expect a response within 24 hours. Well I got one within about 24 minutes and after a quickfire exchange of messages my problem was resolved very quickly. I suspect it was a registry problem as after being asked to download what must have been a very serious uninstaller, and reinstall the program again the issue went away. What has really impressed me is the double quick time assistance from SAS support. Amazing, I've never had service like that before. With regards, and Kudos to SAS Support.
  4. Thanks, I am doing that just now. I can only find one similar problem in the forum and that was fixed after a re-install, so it must be me Regards
  5. Hi, I left this a while to see if a future release fixed my problem, but it has not although all my other installations on other machines (Win Vista and XP) are working fine. I still have the issue that SAS will not run on this machine. After a clean install all the shortcuts (desktop, all programs or by running files directly from the Program Files Folder) report "The item SUPERAntiSpyware.exe that this shrtcut refers to has beenchanged or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly" or if I try and run RunAs.exe "Unable to locate SUPERAntiSpyware program files". The file SUPERAntiSpyware.exe does not exist anywhere on my machine. I have run both of the utilities referred to above, and the both report that they completed successfuly. I am assuming I have a registry issue? (My licence is retained on each install, so that must be in Registry) Its Win Vista 32, fully up to date on a Toshiba Laptop. I'd appreciate some further guidance with this. Regards
  6. I downloaded and 'ran' directly from here https://www.superantispyware.com/download.html a couple of times. After they both failed I saved the package and tried 'run as administrator' a couple of times but that didn't work either. Interestingly, sometimes after the uninstalls the directory in Program files was removed by the procedure, but once or twice it wasn't, so on those occasions I manually deleted and then rebooted. Thanks
  7. Sorry, I meant to, and should have, added my os at the bottom of my query. Its Vista 32 and fully up to date. I've just run SpyBot S&D and MS Security Essentials which report nothing. The obvious missing file is: SUPERAntiSpyware.exe RUNSAS.EXE (the alternate start tool, is there but reports 'Unable to locate SUPERAntiSpyware program files' bootsafe.exe seems to function but SASCore,SASTask and SSUpdate have no effect. I think there were one or two other .exe files before the upgrade, but they are not there now. Task Manager is not showing any SAS processes or services running at all. The only thing that works is the SUPERAntiSpyware.chm, for the help files. I'd like to resolve this before I let my other machines upgrade. Thanks for your help. Regards
  8. Hi, The multipart upgrade to V5 the other day disabled my lifetime licenced version. I noticed that all the exe files had gone from the program folder. I unistalled, reinstalled the complete new package and everything seemed fine, my licence was found and a full scan completed with no detections. Since then SAS does not launch on startup (although the entry in startup is there) and the exe files have all gone again. I have uninstalled/reinstalled a couple more times and now SAS will not run on completion of install, or after a reboot. I'm not going to allow the upgrade to my other machines just yet while I run some more checks on this one. I wondered if anyone else has experienced this? Regards
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