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  1. Anyone care to comment on my previous post? Gauss76
  2. Thanks for the info. How will I know which version of SAS will include the command line operations? Gauss76
  3. Thanks for the response. I can do that, no problem, but it seems to me that the "Allow/Trust Item" does not work for the Real-Time Scanner and hence I would have to do what you suggest for each Autoit script I have written and indeed any other program that I did not want the Real-Time Scanner to flag as spyware! Clearly the Real-Time Scanner is great but the flexibility of choosing which files it should ignore is also of great importance. Gauss76
  4. Hi, I read recently somewhere on this forum that SAS 5 would allow command line switches. Is this true and if so could someone tell me what they are or how to get a list of them. Basically the reason I need them is so I can write a script that updates the SAS Program/Definitions say 10 minutes after my system has started and then every say 4 hours after that until the machine is switched off. The reason for wanting delayed updates is that my system seems slow at startup while SAS and my antivirus update and I would like to effectively spread the load on the sytem at startup. I have already written a program that delays the updating of my antivirus by a user-defined amount of time (switches are available for my free antivirus program) and cannot see a good reason why this should not be available in a product I have paid for. If you require any further information please let me know Many thanks Gauss76
  5. Hi, First of all I would just like to thank the people of SAS for an excellent product which I have been using now for over a year with no problems, until today! I have a professional lifetime subscription for SAS and have recently upgraded to version 5, 0, 0, 1108 running on a fully patched Windows XP system. I use quite a lot of Autoit scripts to manage certain aspects of my system. Previously these have all worked with no problem with SAS running in the background. However if version 5 is running (with or without real time protection enabled) I get a trojan horse warning and my chosen Autoit exe file is sent directly to the Quarantine area. I have tried adding the exe file(s) to the Manage Allowed Item... area and have also added the folder that contains the files to the Manage Excluded Folders... area. But this makes absolutely no difference, sending the file to the Quarantine area every time. The only way I can run the exe file is to exit SAS completely which I do not want to do. Can anyone help sort this out? If you require any further information please let me know. Many thanks Gauss76
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