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    I've liked that new interface since it was improved. But I think the colors of the logo are too bright. Less glaring would make it look more mature. The current logo and red-yellow sweep are more for kids. Also, on YouTube SAS gets bad reviews for low detection rates. Some very well known anti-malware programs like Emsisoft besides their own scan engine -A-Squared- now also use Bitdefender's scan engine to improve their detection rate, and is doing very well. How they get away with it I don't know, but herdProtect is a free scanner that utilizes 68 scan engines. Because for some 15 years I've been using SAS Pro -lifetime license- I would like to see this program get better reviews. So it might not be a bad idea to partner with another anti-malware company. It would boost detection rates and then boost sales.
  2. Thank you. I found some more information on this issue here: "How to Stop Web Sites from Potentially Listening to Your Microphone" http://lifehacker.com/how-to-stop-web-sites-from-potentially-listening-to-you-1507692091 I surf sandboxed by default, and got this response on the Sandboxie forum: "There are no templates in Sandboxie that you can select that will allow Flash cookies to be saved outside of the sandbox. If you wanted to allow Flash cookies to be saved (and I know that you do not), you would have to go out of your way to create a setting that would allow it." http://forums.sandboxie.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=19850&p=104677&hilit=Adobe+Flash#p104677 So I'm not worried about this anymore.
  3. Hi! Recently I saw that websites can use our webcam and microphone without our knowledge. Adobe Flash Player settings seem to determine if we allow that or not. Here is where I found information on this: "Adobe Flash, The Spy in Your Computer – Part 1" http://www.welivesecurity.com/2010/10/06/adobe-flash-the-spy-in-your-computer-part-1/
  4. Hi! I've been happily utilizing SAS Pro for some years now. It is only recently that I tried the option of having a scheduled scan take place while not using my laptop and the latter being in sleepmode. I have the option "Wake computer from sleep to perform this task" checked, but so far it seems not to function. When I awaken my laptop after the set time a pop up appears saying that a scheduled scan was not performed while I was not logged in, asking if I want the scan to be performed now. How is this? (I'm using Windows 7.)
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