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  1. Both, but 5.0 is generally upgraded from 4.x rather than a clean install (we put 4.x on our software image just prior to the release of 5.0). We'll try a clean 5.0 install on our next image and see if the problem persists.
  2. My organization purchased a 200-user lifetime license set to cover all of the members of our department, as we've had good experiences using SAS to remove malware. However, we have encountered issues with SAS asking to be activated whenever a new user account is created and logged in under Windows 7 (even if that new user is an administrator) x32 or x64. This issue also occurs if we run sysprep on Windows 7 prior to creating a disk image - after deployment, SAS asks to be activated once again. Is there any way to resolve either of these issues? The latter issue would not be so bad if the former could be fixed; the 'any new user account created requires reactivation' is what is really killing us. Realtime protection is disabled prior to SAS being re-activated, and the idea of new users on a previously protected machine not having this safeguard in place is not a welcome one.
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