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  1. Thanks!...I'll do that right away! Misty
  2. Hello all, I was trying to use my yahoo mail on my work computer today, and it wouldn't let me log into one account. I decided to run several anti-virus programs, SuperAntiSpyware included, and move to another computer for the day. The other computer will let me log into my yahoo account no problem. Anyways, two of the virus programs have finished scanning, and found no problems. While waiting on SAS to finish up, I decided to check out my task manager. Under the processes, the file "c5d0596d 7705 4fda ad60 ea3f060f4def.com" is running, which is weird, since the processes are normally .exe files. I did a computer search trying to find this file, and it's saved under my C drive, Program Files, and then SAS file. I do have a SAS.exe file in this same folder. I looked again to task manager, and saw that no SuperAntiSpyware file is listed normally in this list - so it appears I'm running a virus scan with SAS in DOS mode. Is that right? I tried looking up "c5d0596d 7705 4fda ad60 ea3f060f4def.com" on Google and Bing, and can't find anything - and wasn't able to find anything on SAS normal site or the forum. If you could let me know if running the program like this is ok (if this is indeed the correct program). Thanks! Misty
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