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  1. I'd like to second the suggestion above, and also remove the Ask.com junk bar suggestion as well. It is possible for Support.com to NOT screw up a perfectly good product? I haven't seen it happen yet....
  2. POSSIBLE RESOLUTION I added the blocked Heur.Agent/Gen-FakeIE to the allow list in SAS - started IE8 and disabled a few of the add-ons in IE - like Google SideBar, Google updater, and a few others that seemed unnecessary. Sorry I can't be more specific, as I wasn't paying real close attention as I was disabling them. Also, I went to the Advanced tab in IE's Internet Options and clicked "Restore Advanced Settings" and "Reset.." to assure everything is set at default. Closed IE8, removed the Heur.Agent/Gen-FakeIE from the Allowed/Trusted list in SAS preferences. Assured realtime protection is still enabled in SAS. Now IE8 opens up fine without any warning or blocking of Heur.Agent/Gen-FakeIE. Hopefully this will help the others having this issue. My guess is it's an add-on for IE8 that is either infected or a False Positive. Just wish I paid closer attention to which ones I disabled. (DOH!)
  3. Same here on Win XP Pro SP3 machine. I have update 7995/5807 dated 11/28/2011 on Vista and Win 7 machines on same network as XP problem machine, and they are running IE8 without any problems. (Haven't come to grips with IE9 yet) Wondering if it truly is a false positive....
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