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    I managed to post.

    Thanks for your reply ROCKNROLLKID. I was referring to moving up in the newest version for SAS PROGRAM on the VISTA pc. my computer is WIN 7 laptop. But based on all the comments the older version of SAS was a problem for WIN 7. There wasn't any comments regarding SAS on VISTA. So I still have a question. I hate making mistakes on computers. lol.
  2. imgrateful1

    I managed to post.

    I recently updated the SAS Pro life time update version after there was problems with the other one for WIN 7 64-BIT verions. I just wanted to report that everything seems to be fine. I have one question regarding this. we have 2 computers. the other one is VISTA (UGGH) 32-bit is there a need to change that one too? I always enjoy forums as a means to find answers to problems. imgrateful1 always. OOOOh yes. I finally figured how the posting is done. I wasn't hitting the right button on the bottum of the post.
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    getting familiar with forum

    This is my first time to post in any topic forum for SAS. I'm not sure if I am posting correctly? I have posted 3 different messages today, which is my first day to register. I don't see that my messages even got posted. Is there a delay when they appear on the website? Thank you for the help. imgrateful1 always
  4. Happy birthday. i hope you have a great day.