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  1. Yea! I like the new version 5 working pretty nice here but i have a question... is 5.0.1108 available through the updates at all right now? I understand it's not available to v4 users through the updater yet aside from downloading from the site, i'm currently running v 5.0.1106 and when i run the update now function .1108 does not show up at all. Im not sure there are any significent differents from .1106 to .1108 aside from it being the official release version.
  2. Hello, im abit new here but have been using SAS for awhile now. I've had this problem too, I may have found another solution if trying different antispyware programs did not solve the problem. In the new SAS version 5 there is the 'Repairs' option available from the main gui interface click that then scroll down untill you find 'Reset URL Prefixes' it states that some malware can use these settings to hijack page navigation. I'm thinking what occured was a malware / spyware program modified some settings and the damage was not fixed by mearly removing the program... So far in my case this seems to have cleared up the issue. Before this i've tried multiple spyware solutions... SAS, Malwarebytes, Spybot, TrendMicro's Housecall to name a few... EDIT: ... hmm it seems i may actually still be exbiting redirection problems... I can't figure this one out. As I've said i've used a variaty of different spyware scanners SAS being my primary one but this issue won't go away.
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