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  1. ADDENDUM: EFFECTIVE: OCTOBER 01, 2011. THIS SAME IDENTICAL ISSUE HAS NOW SPREAD AND SHOWED UP ON FOUR (4) OF MY OTHER HOME COMPUTERS ALL RUNNING SAS PRO. ALL REQUIRE A MANDATORY SAS REBOOT IN ORDER TO REMOVE POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS THREATS. Since original report on September 21, 2011, where this issue was mainly confined to one (1) of my nine (9) home computers, all running SAS PRO, this identical issue has now SPREAD to FOUR (4) of my other home computers from time to time. Not as persistent, as far as constantly identifying same spyware/malware/adware, but due require a MANDATORY SAS REBOOT in order to remove potentially hazardous threats. It appears that other SAS customers have been experiencing these same identical issues as reported, to include under "FALSE POSITIVES" in SAS Forums. SAS Technical support should issue a bulletin to SAS PRO subscribers of this known issue and a rememdy is being worked on.
  2. ADDENDUM TO IDENTICAL ADWARE/MALWARE/SPYWARE BEING IDENTIFIED IN SAS PRO SCANS, ALL REQUIRING MANDANDORY SAS REBOOT TO REMOVE POTENIONALLY HAZZRDOUS THREATS - NOW SHOWING UP ON ADDITIONAL HOME COMPUTERS ALL RUNNING SAS PRO: As of October 01, 2011, this identical persistent issue has now started showing up on four (4) of my other home computers, all running SAS PRO. Although may not show upn same computer after one time, will appear on other home computers now all running Windows 7 - Ulitimate, 32 or 64 bit. This issue appears to be spreading and more widespread with other SAS users experiencing identical issues. SAS Technical Support seriously needs to investigate this widespread problematic issue.
  3. SUPERANTISPYWARE PRO IDENTIFYING IDENTICAL MALWARE/SPYWARE/ADWARE AND MORE ON EACH SCAN, ALL REQUIRING A MANDATORY SAS REBOOT FOR REMOVAL OF THREATS: On one (1) of my nine (9) home computers, all utilizing SAS PRO, Windows 7 - Ultimate, 32 bit and/or 64 bit, with CCleaner, Malwarebytes, and new 2012 Norton Security Suite, the one (1) computer is constantly identifying the same, if not additional malware/spyware/adware on each reboot and scan. Moreover, ALL require a SAS MANDATORY REBOOT in order to remove potentially hazardous threats. This started on September 27, 2011 when Windows Update automatically download a September 27, 2011 "Malicious Tool Remover" and "Windows Defender Definition" update. Very unusual for Windows to update a "Malicious Tool Remover" dated September 27, 2011, so late in the month, when the "Malicious Tool Remover" is normally updated and downloaded during the second Tuesday of each new month with that months "Malicious Tool Remover". Diagnostic report requested and submitted to engineers at SAS and currently under investigation. Any other SAS users with identical issues? If so, I would add a reply, and if you have any suggestions to correct situation, you're more than welcome. Thank you.
  4. IDENTICAL ISSUES BEING IDENTIFIED - REPEATED COOKIES - MANDATORY REBOOTS I too have been experiencing the same issue on one (1) of my nine (9) home computers, all running Windows 7 - Ultimate, 32 bit or 64 bit, CCleaner, 2012 Norton Security Suite, and Malwarebytes. Same, and if not more adware/malware/spyware being identified repeatedly after reboots and SuperAntiSpyware scans, ALL requiring a MANDATORY REBOOT by SuperAntiSpyware to remove hazardous items identified. A diagnostic report was sent to engineers at SuperAntiSpyware for determination of what is possibly causing this issue which started approximately on September 27. 2011. when Windows Update automatically downloaded a September 27, 2011 Malicious Tool Remover (Scan), along with an update to Windows Defender definitions. Any suggestions as to the cause and course of correction would be appreciated.
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