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  1. Aaaaaannnd... never mind. Went to the download page, d/l'd the latest version, installed it. it found my key, and all's well.
  2. I have a lifetime subscription, which I bought way back in the v4 days. In attempting to upgrade to Windows 10, I uninstalled SAS, as instructed by MS. The upgrade failed (Xeon-powered machines cannot yet be upgraded). Now, After re-installing from the file I have, I am back to V4, and it will not update. At all. How can I get back on track?
  3. Same issue as sandman32. IMMEDIATELY after a scan, when the logs show that items have been detected, the quarantine page is blank. I have no positive indication that anything has been done about the detected items if I can't see them in the quarantine. Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 Oh, Elmer Fud, Your response is noted, but is as unhelpful as any response could possibly be. If you can't address the SPECIFIC issue raised, it's not necessary to remind us of your existence by doing copy-paste jobs from help files and generic Wikipedia entries. Thanks. Let's try to keep the signal-to-noise reasonable, m'kay?
  4. On the last two scans (full scans) completed by SAS, the logs indicate threats discovered, yet the quarantine contains nothing. What's going on here? Is this correct? The scan options are set to "Quarantine and remove infected items without prompting" (this is a scheduled scan), but, in the past, detected items were shown in the "Manage Quarantine" window. Not now, though.
  5. Tow thoughts here: Indicate that the detected items were removed (or quarantined). Make the "view logs" button more visible, perhaps by putting it right on the control center's first screen, perhaps on a tab, rather than on the "Home" button (which is, curiously, a button on the control center, but NOT the first panel).
  6. My suggestion is to have scheduled scans run as Adminstrator, or to have an option to do so. Perhaps, if the GUI is given an option to run as Administrator, a scheduled scan added in that mode would run as such, but would run regarless of the logged-in user. The idea is that such a scan should scan the entire machine, regarless of the logged-in user's permissions, and that said scan schedule should be visible to all users, to avoid duplication (but only editable by Administrator). This might be accomplished by having the scan engine and scheduler run as a service, but I'm not sure of this. it might also be usefule to allow a scan to run (if it's an adminstrator scan) even if NO user is logged on, but the machine is running.
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