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  1. The Full Scan I ran earlier today took less than an hour, maybe 50 minutes or so. And this is even after it hangs at two large files that take almost 16 minutes to get through. If it wasn't for those it would be done in 30 minutes or so. Not sure how much you have on the computer but obviously the more files, the longer the Full Scan will take. yeah my dumbass forgot to account for that, tho i dont think i have that much stuff on my comp... anyways i hope this gets resolved esp with all the posts about sas having a trojan within it being found by other programs. i scan with malwarebytes, mse, and norton besides sas and they came up with nothing. hopefully it really is a false positive like they say for all our sakes... also i realized that there is kind of a pattern within all the sas users- ppl who have one sort of problem dont seem to have the other problems, like its one or the other but not all the problems together as if only parts of sas is faulty depending on the user. i for one have not had any problems that other ppl are facing (fingers crossed in keeping it that way) but my paranoia is getting the best of me and i keep thinking what if sas is letting stuff go or not catching it. i mean if simple tracking cookies arent being found, who knows what else isnt being picked up? if it werent for the other programs i have saying im clean, id be all on here with conspiracy theories lol. jk. - i could be totally wrong about it all. love ya sas and everyone who works so hard to keep it running!
  2. yeah i updated to 5.0.1116 and still nothing... also, what is the normal time range for a completed scan? while time has been significantly reduced, i have been reading other ppls scan times and think mine is a little lagging... quick scan at most is 4:30 but usually 3:something. complete scan however is over an hour long. is there something wrong?
  3. i know it has been addressed a couple of times, but i dont know if it has ever been answered. sas always use to find a handful of tracking cookies everytime i scanned, but lately the scan comes up clean in both the quick and complete scans. my web browsing has not changed and know for a fact my local news website used to have tracking cookies that would be found by sas. i believe this started after the update before v5. i was hoping when i updated to v5 it would fix itself but it didnt. and i know im not the only one who is experiencing this as i have read comments regarding this issue with other members. fyi the box for "scan for tracking cookies" is indeed checked in my preferences. thanks for any help!
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