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  1. OK, a few issues with the update. I'm running Windows 7 by the way. Firstly, as someone has mentioned in another topic, on startup of my system the "Change of homepage detected" window pops up, but it does not list a change and I do not use Internet Explorer anyway. At the same time this website opens on Firefox https://www.superantispyware.com/producthistory.html?id=SUPERANTISPYWARE&whatsnew=yes&trial=no&activated=no&appid={BF6CBB65-3946-4DC5-BACE-2D00F1596457} Also, when I right click on the icon on the taskbar at the bottom right of my screen and click "Scan for spyware, adware, malware..." nothing happens and when I right click on the icon after I have tried that, the menu doesn't even appear. Any suggestions?
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