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  1. demise140

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    I'll combo attack things with SAS and malwarebytes. But I am a huge fan of SAS and have gotten the rest of our Help Desk team using it.
  2. demise140

    Reliability of Apple computers.

    I will tell you this much, I was working part time for Best Buy and the Apple salesman used to give me a hard time because I let him know that I was not a big Apple fan. I heard him telling a customer that Apple computers will not get viruses. I laughed and quickly corrected him. He doubted my knowledge and it wasn't but a month later that Apple had a virus outbreak. My point, it's a computer. Not that I would never have an Apple, but I do like PC's better because I like to customize. And I work in the business world where we use Apples are great machines for our graphics stuff, but they suck for our business side. Just saying
  3. demise140

    New member, Long time user

    Hey all, I just recently decided to join the forum. But I have been using SAS for a couple of years now. Just wanted to say Hi to everyone!