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  1. Every time I open a new tab in Mozilla it opens to a delta search page ie “www1.delta-search.com/?babsrc=NT_ss&mntrId=125874E50BADF561&affID=119351&tt=040713_xmlful&tsp=4939” Searching the internet this is a virus attached to some software on my computer. I have run several anti virus programs and nothing detects it. I have removed all suspicious browser extensions and can not find anything in ad and remove programs list. I have even restarted Mozilla in safe mode with all browser extensions disabled but this problem still exist when I open a new tab. How do I fix this? I am using Mozilla Firfox 26.0 Windows 7 Toshiba Laptop Superantispyware Thanks for your help. Don
  2. I have a browser redirect problem. I scan with superantispyware and it cleans my computer but after I browse the internet for a few minutes it starts again. When I search on google and click on the link it redirects me to another sight. How do I identify the threat and how do I remove it? Thanks
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