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  1. Version 4.55.1000 Core: 7415 Trace: 5227 7/15/2011
  2. Okay, so I was able to update in safe mode and ran a scan. However, the results were that it only found 4 tracking cookies and it usually finds about 70 to 120 threats. Also there are two users on my computer and it only finds threats from the other user and not the main/administrator which is mine.
  3. Yeah, I've taken care of the email. I will try to boot in safe mode and run a complete scan, and will post the results.
  4. My laptop running windows XP has been acting very funny as of late. My hotmail account was hijacked and was sending spam to my contacts, I have since cleared it up but I believe it was because of my laptop. My laptop is now running really slow. I could not update the definitions on SAS. I went through the manual route and have also tried to unistall/install to no avail. Please help.
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